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My sister and I went out again yesterday, with the little one in tow. It’s a totally different kind of girl’s day out experience when there’s a two year old along than when it’s just the adults, but still a very enjoyable day.

What’d we do on our second day out in a row?

Pretty much the same thing we did Saturday. We went to the (same) yarn store and spent way too much money, though not quite as much as we’d spent previously as much of the really good stuff is already gone. Not that what is left is not nice too, simply not to our liking for the most part. There were still some things I’d like to go back for if I had the bank account for it, but the weekend was already a massive splurge for me and I’m happy with what I have to work with; I got enough yarn to keep me busy for quite a while. Especially when you consider how much yarn I already had before this weekend happened. I very, very rarely spend money like I did this weekend. And it’s even more rare that such a shopping spree is for myself. So, while I was very bad in terms of how much I did spend, I suppose when you look at it in terms of how often I spend that way and for myself at that, it’s not so bad. I mean, shopping sprees like this happen less often than once a year for me. The last time I spent as much money as I did this weekend was three or four years ago when I saved up and bought my Wii. I can’t remember exactly how long I’ve had my Wii but it’s around that time frame. Maybe even five years ago.

Needless to say, now a Nook has been bumped back down on the list of priorities for a “some day” splurge in the distant future. The yarn store is giving away prizes to the top nine buyers during their closing sale, and I am confident my sister will be among the top nine. (I certainly won’t be!) A Nook is one of the prizes. Not the model I was planning to buy, but still one I’d be perfectly happy with. My sister has no need for a Nook as she’s already got an ipad, so if she wins the Nook it will be mine. We have to wait till the store’s final closing day in November to find out if she wins anything though.

But all that is not really why I titled this post “spoiled”. Nope. That title is referring to the knitting needles I got on Saturday. I am spoiled by them already. I have always used a set of Boye interchangeable needles my sister gave me, as well as some other needles I’d purchased for myself from the same brand and a couple other cheaper brands. They are cheap and not that great but they do the job. My sister uses higher end needles. I’ve tested hers out from time to time and I love them but since they are so expensive, I’ve always been content with my cheaper needles. So while we were in the yarn store I HAD to look for some of the nicer needles, being on sale it is hard to pass up the opportunity. They did not have any sets left except a set with acrylic tips, which I passed up because I do not like acrylic knitting needles or crochet hooks for that matter. They did not have many other needles left either. But I did find two circular needles I decided to get to go along with all my pretty new yarn. I chose sizes I use often, since I was only getting the two needles. One is an Addi Turbo Lace needle, and the other is a Knitter’s Pride Cubics needle. I LOVE the Cubics needles and I really want to get the deluxe interchangeable set of them! They’re square instead of round, which sounds weird I know but it works well and is actually more comfortable to hold than regular round knitting needles. I have not tried the Addi needles yet but I know from “sampling” my sister’s Addi’s that I love those ones too. I’ve been randomly testing out some yarns on the Cubics since Saturday night and I just don’t know how I’m going to go back to the cheaper needles I have been using…. I mean I will because I HAVE to but I want that set even more now than I did before. It’s at the top of my wish list for my birthday/Christmas this year. If it’s not one of my gifts then it’ll go onto my list of splurge items for “some day” along with that Nook.

I’m doing some testing on some of the yarn I got because it’s supposed to be the same yarn (I got one ball each of two different colors) but the labels do not match in terms of how to launder the finished items, and neither ball band matches what the company’s web site says exactly either. So the only way I can know if they’re machine washable or not is to wash a couple small swatches. I just got them out of the washer and they are fine, but they’re in the dryer now so I can see if they will be ok to put in the dryer too or not. I intend to use them to make a gift for someone and I don’t want them to have to worry about how they’re going to launder the item.

Well, after having spent all of last week in bed with the flu, that means that I have a lot to catch up on this week. So as much as I hate to do it I guess I need to go start getting things dealt with.

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in Canada!


One thought on “Spoiled

  1. I’m glad to see you’re feeling better, sweetness, and that you’re getting out and enjoying yourself and doing some things for yourself for a change. You always spend your time looking after everyone and everything else before you think about yourself, so good on you for indulging yourself. Nothing “spoiled” about that, at all. *hug*

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