Melting Pot


I have not been feeling well the past couple of days. Especially today. I slept in super late, and I still felt tired. I fell asleep early in the afternoon. I’ve been fighting still feeling tired for most of the day. Fun times indeed. Hopefully I will feel better soon.

My oldest niece was supposed to come over so I could take her to the craft store to pick out fabric for book covers for school. She never came over though. Never even at least called or texted to say she would not be coming. I did text with her a bit over the weekend but when I brought up the book covers she ignored it. I guess one week into middle school and she’s already decided she hates it. Anything unpleasant that she doesn’t want to talk about or deal with, she does everything in her power to ignore and to tune out what you may be trying to tell her. I wish she wouldn’t do that. There are unpleasant things that you have to deal with in life and that’s just how it is, for *everybody*. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. But whatever. It saved some money, and left me with free time to do whatever I wanted rather than being stuck with the sewing machine all weekend sewing book covers. (Total lie. I was actually looking forward to it, I had some good ideas. I need a kid of my own so they won’t have a choice in these matters! lol)

Instead my sister came over with her little girl and the three of us and my dad all headed to the farm to pick apples. Little one was a little grumpy, I think she didn’t like the rain boots she was wearing. But it had rained the night before and so they were necessary. I tried and tried to get her to pick just one apple on her own but she refused to even reach out to any of the apples. She pointed to one, but that was the extent of it. Maybe next year she’ll be a little more into it. She is, after all, only two years old. But my what a smart two year old with an extensive vocabulary! She makes her auntie so very very proud!!!

And now I have half a bushel of apples to use up. Many will be eaten as is of course. But most of them will need to be used up in some other way. I’ve already decided to make some apple butter. I will probably also make apple sauce. Both these things will be all-day tasks for which I will put the crock pot to good use. I need to get some more canning lids before I start tackling that though. Even after making some apple butter and apple sauce I’ll have quite a few apples to use, so I’ll probably make an apple pie or two. Maybe some apple muffins. I’ll be sick of apples by the time it’s all said and done. Until a couple weeks from now when different varieties are available and then I’ll want more! haha I will probably stick to just half a peck for the coming trips to the farm as the different varieties become available.

I really am tired so I think it’s about time to get into bed now. As my final note for this post: If you go to Sheetz any time soon, you MUST try the pumpkin frozen mocha MTO drink. Amazing! When you get to the screen to choose between the dark chocolate and white chocolate, go for dark chocolate. You can’t taste the chocolate at all I promise. But this is seriously so super yummy. Don’t forget to get the extra flavor shot in it or the whipped cream on top.


2 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Well, that IS rude to not even call to cancel. I’m sorry to hear your day didn’t work out as you’d planned. And you’re right: Life is as full of unpleasant things as it is with good things; ignoring the unpleasant things doesn’t make them go away. If anything, they just get worse.

    But, it’s great that you got to spend some time with your sister and her kidlet. 🙂 Picking apples… That sounds like great fun! 🙂 And now that you have so many apples, you can make pies and stuff and freeze it all, so you only take out what you need as you need it. That way, you don’t get sick of apple-based goodies too fast. LOL 😀

    I understand completely about the tiredness. I’ve been feeling it, too. I think it has something to do with the change-over from summer to fall; I’ve noticed that with me, it seems to happen every year, when we transition into fall, and then later, to winter. From what I understand, it’s actually a hibernation-instinct that’s being triggered…

    I hope you have a great day today, sweetness. If your weather is nice, I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy it. 🙂

    1. I am not sure I can blame T for the way the weekend went, as plans were made with her mother. I don’t know if the kid knew about it or not. But regardless yes it was rude, but it happens often. Plans are made never to happen, and then there’s the opposite always happening too: no plans, and they’ll just drop her off without warning or with only a last minute “Can you watch her, I have to [whatever]” where I *can’t* say no because they really NEED me to take care of the kid. Some people just don’t have any manners… sadly those people raise their children to be the same way and the cycle continues.

      We don’t have room in the freezer to make any pies to freeze. I wish we did. Maybe I’ll just can some apple pie filling too, instead. Plenty of room for jars of canned goods!

      I WISH I could hibernate over Winter! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! A nice long break from all the stress and drama to just relax and sleep… ahhhh. I’m still fighting off feeling very tired today. Hibernating really does sound so good right about now. lol

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