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Why I Want A Nook

I’ve mentioned recently that I’d love (LOVE!) to have a Nook. (Or an iPad. Either one. lol) The couple of very random times I’ve said something briefly about this has caused some negative comments about hypocrisy because I’ve previously said I much prefer real books over ebooks. (Miss it? Click here if you’re the curious-as-a-cat type.)

How does my saying I prefer real books to ebooks, and yes I’d like a Nook, make me a hypocrite? Because I don’t see it. And furthermore, I never said WHY I would like to have a Nook. Because, while YES I am sure from time to time I’d read some ebooks, reading books is not my primary reason for wanting one.

The glorious thing about the Nook (and other e-readers) is that they are not just for reading ebooks. The do have other functions. The (main) reason I’d like to have a Nook is so that I can have my knitting and crochet patterns with me wherever I go, without having to carry around stitch dictionaries and magazines and pattern books. I like to knit and crochet in different rooms of the house. Outside. Whenever I go somewhere other than home – like visiting friends and family, while on vacation etc. I occasionally even knit or crochet in the car, though not often as it makes me car sick. But in any of these “away from home” situations, a Nook would be fabulous to have rather than lugging around tons of print outs and magazines and books with all my patterns. The “high light” and “book mark” features many e-readers have would also help me in my crafting as when I take a break I can highlight the last bit I worked on so when I pick up again I will know exactly where I left off, without having to write it down on a scrap paper or in the book/magazine.

And then there’s recipes. I have SO many recipe cards and books and magazines… and most of the time I don’t bother using any recipes simply because it’s a bit of a hassle trying to remember which book or magazine or recipe box a recipe is in, or it takes me hours upon hours to go through all of them looking for new recipes to try. By having my recipes and cookbooks on an e-reader, I’d have a quick way to go through all those recipes and have them on hand at any time. I’m frequently telling friends about recipes but unable to give them to them at the time because I don’t have the recipe book on me. I’d always have my Nook with me, if I had one, so I’d be able to actually share the recipes on the spot. Or in those times I am in the grocery store and remember a recipe I want to try but can’t recall all the ingredients? E-reader to the rescue!

The fact that for reading a book, I still would pick a real honest to goodness book over an e-book any day, remains true. I simply see that e-readers have purpose beyond ebooks. And I would be able to make good use of one for purposes other than reading ebooks. That does not make me a hypocrite.

So there you have it. I’ve explained myself – though it was not necessary and not something I should have felt a need to do. Some folks felt a need to make negative remarks about this though so I felt like clearing the air. And now I’m done.


3 thoughts on “Why I Want A Nook

  1. I wouldn’t worry about what people think, Leah. You don’t have to justify yourself. You have your reasons for wanting certain things, and really, nobody has the right to judge you about it. ::shrugs:: Just my opinion…

  2. What Holly said.

    Or, my not-so-PC version: Nothing that you want (or do) is any of anyone else’s business as long as it doesn’t hurt them or anyone else. If they think or feel otherwise, they need to mind their own effing business. And they deserve absolutely no place in your life. Period.

    1. That’s why you’re my favorite uncle. We see eye to eye on a lot of things. =)

      I just made this post because I found it kind of amusing how some people were so bothered by my supposed hypocrisy that they sought out the email address on my contact page to tell me so. Nothing that worried me or anything, just made me want to point out that e-readers have use beyond ebooks. Kind of a public call-out on the stupidity while being nice enough to maintain their identities and let them remain anonymous.

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