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Crazy Dogs, Naughty Kitty

Sydney was a bad kitty this morning. She decided to jump onto my laptop while I was trying to look up a recipe. I grabbed her to set her down, and she decided to try to latch on to the keyboard. So in the split second process of me grabbing her and setting her down on the floor, with her efforts to stay where she was… she yanked a couple keys off the keyboard. I am so glad the keys just snap back in!

I’m beginning to sort out my next purchase for more nail polish supplies. I need bottles more than anything. I’ll need more base soon too. NONE of the glitter I bought will work. Initially it seemed some of them would work. But after the bottles sat for a couple weeks, it’s become clear that none of them will work. Oh well. Now I know, and can make note of it for the future. My mom sent me some glitters that she has for use in her soaps. I emptied out some of the bottles that I’d used to test the other glitters so that I could try those out. As of right now it seems all but one will work, and before I even tested them I knew that one would not work but I had to try it anyway. But they’ve only been sitting  a few hours. I need to give it at least a couple weeks to know for sure. I hope they do work, a couple of them will be PERFECT for a couple colors I have in mind if they do in fact work! Oh and as for the bottles I emptied so I could test these glitters? No, if you’re wondering, I did NOT simply dump the nail polish and waste it. I poured it onto zip lock baggies. Once it’s dry I can use it to make nail decals. Just because it didn’t work out as I’d hoped doesn’t mean it’s totally useless. 😉

Now, as for those crazy dogs I mentioned in the title of this post… here are a couple pictures of a recent play date Rascal had with the neighbor’s pooch. =) This is why I love photographing animals…. they’re SO funny!


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