Melting Pot

Weekend in Pictures

Part of the weekend, anyway. Not posting the pics of the kids from nephew’s birthday party of course. But niece and I hung out at the Community Days festival on Saturday and we stopped by with my dad on Sunday for a bit before heading to the boy’s birthday party too.

Overall it was a nice weekend. Despite my 100 spf sunblock I have sunburn from yesterday. It’s already getting better though thank goodness and it looks a LOT better than it did last night. I quite resembled a cooked lobster last night. I didn’t want to use aloe vera gel on it… I know it’s what everyone swears by for sunburns but for me it’s never seemed to help much and it leaves a sticky residue that I can’t stand. I usually rub Noxzema into sunburn but I’m out of that. Not sure what else to do, I slathered on some Aveeno Positively Nourishing Calming body lotion. I figured that the chamomile in it would help. Looks like it did. One more reason for it to be my favorite body lotion ever. It’s pricey but so very worth it, I love the stuff.

Anyway. Here are a couple pictures. I may not know a thing about cars but I can appreciate ones that look good. =) The last picture is a tree stump from the park where the boy’s birthday party was. Spiffy huh?


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