Melting Pot

Glitter Overload

I bought $30 worth of glitter today. Mister looked at me like I was insane, but after I explained (and in just six words) he understood. I love that he knows me so well and he doesn’t think less of me when I gleefully spend so much money on GLITTER of all things. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying having such a good excuse to buy glitter. I know, I know. Y’all still don’t even know what I am up to. I can only tell you I need glitter because there are about a million things a person could be using glitter for, so I can share being excited over the glitter without giving away what I’ll be using it for. I’m evil, I know. Keep the suspense going. ūüėČ

I wasn’t able to get what I really wanted today though; I was *sure* I’d be able to buy it at the store but after checking a couple different places, I am going to have to buy online instead. Which is ok, I can make due without the things I didn’t get today. Don’t want to. But I can.

Not like I don’t have plenty of glittery options for now anyway. I got two “Glittery Caddy” canisters of glitter. Each one has six colors. And I got three six packs of smaller tubes of glitter; one pack has little square shaped glitter, one is “extra fine” glitter (which I mostly got because it contains two holographic glitters) and the third is holographic bar glitter. ¬†Because that wasn’t enough, I also got a ‘sampler pack’ that has 16 colors of extra fine glitter. Among all these tubes and packets and jars of glitter, there are no duplicates. Ok ok… there are two basic blue, basic red and basic green. However one is a slightly smaller size. So, it doesn’t count. They are duplicates in color only. Well, as far as I can tell while they’re still in the packaging they are slightly different in size. I’ll only know for sure once I open them. But even if they are the same, to have only three duplicates among 46 total colors purchased, that’s not bad.

Once all the glitter-purchasing was done I couldn’t help but make a stop in Sally’s too. Hey, I was there, it was there… why not? I picked up a bottle of top coat, since I need to find one to replace Seche Vite. The stuff works wonders but the fact that it contains some un-safe ingredients bothers me. So I got a bottle of something else that is supposed to work similarly well but doesn’t have the icky ingredients in it. I looked at the label and was surprised to see that it has sugar in it. About mid way through the ingredients list, there it is… “sucrose”. Who knew? ¬†I got a pack of display wheels and a new buffing block too. While I was standing at the register, I glanced over and saw a couple pencil sharpeners on a shelf and remembered that I lost mine (AGAIN) so I grabbed one of those. It’s purple. That also influenced my decision. What? I did NEED it. The fact that it’s purple was a mere and completely coincidental bonus.

And then, before¬†totaling¬†my order, the cashier – who was only doing her job – told me about this week’s special product. I was about to say no, I wasn’t interested. But before I knew what I was doing, I’d grabbed a bottle and was telling her “Yeah I’ll go ahead and get that too.” ¬† -_- The product in question?

¬†This itty bitty bottle was $5 on sale. Not on sale, I’d have been paying $7 for it. I’m a Beauty Club member though so I get a little discount. For non-members the price is $8. For only slightly more than a quarter of an ounce of product. Yikes.

But moving on. The cashier said she loves this stuff, and assured me I’d be coming back for more as everyone who has tried it has loved it.

I just tried it. And I think I must have done it wrong. lol I think I just used too much of it that’s all. But even so it didn’t quite give my hair the “oomph” I expected it to. I never review a product after just one use though, so I’ll give it a few more uses and maybe I’ll get the hang of using it and then perhaps I will get better results from it. I can be hair product dense sometimes. I tend to just use lots of conditioning treatments and serums and zero styling products, so this is completely new territory for me.

Anyway. Mister has me all day dreamy and whatnot right now so it’s taken me well over an hour to get this post written up; I keep pausing and thinking of him and… sigh. He stole a kiss today and his kisses tend to leave me like this for hours and hours afterward. So. I’m just gonna call it a day for this post and go enjoy the remainder of the afternoon. ‚ô•


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