Melting Pot

Babysitting Fun

I got to watch the girls for my friend this morning. Fun!

Well….. perhaps more fun in the future as today both the little one and her big sister spent pretty much the whole time sleeping. Big sister is sick, so she was in bed when I arrived. She came down to say hi, then went back to her room for a while. Came down and played the Wii for half an hour or so then back to bed. As for the little one…. she slept and slept and slept!

Finally she decided to wake up and was hungry when she did. I got her changed and then fed her. She needed changed again after eating (little stinker…. literally… LOL) so got her cleaned up once again and into a cooler outfit than her pj’s and about that time her mommy came home. I kept taking care of her though so my friend had a chance to clean up the house a bit and deal with things she doesn’t usually get a ton of time for when it’s just her at home and her hubby is working. Little one and I played a while and then she got fussy. Luckily her aunty has been around lots of babies before and was not the least bit phased by it. I got her calmed down, and then she ended up going right back to sleep. After all, when you are not quite 3 months old yet, crying takes a LOT of energy and wears you out!

It was a nice day though. I love spending time with my girls. Any of ’em, whether they are related by blood or by friendship, they’re my world. ♥


One thought on “Babysitting Fun

  1. Awwww…. Too bad big sister wasn’t feeling so hot. It sounds like the three of you could have a pretty great day if she had been feeling better. But, there will be more opportunities for more play time, I’m sure. 🙂

    As for Justin’s situation, thank you for your kindness and your generosity. I will let him know when I talk to him again. For all I know, April could have stolen the kids’ bedding, too. ::sighs::

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