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Stick A Pin In It

No… not the voo doo doll of your ex.


(I’m in a crazy, crazy mood at the moment. Don’t mind me.)

ETA: Just realized I have made this post on my one year “Pinaversary”. What great timing. =D

Pinterest is not simply a web site for me. It’s become a danged hobby of sorts. If you’re not an avid pinner, or not on Pinterest at all, that might not make sense. But to my fellow pinners who love clicking that “See More Pins” button late at night, you know what I’m talkin’ about! While Pinterest does have some room for improvement on some things and as with any web site it has some flaws, for the most part it’s a pretty awesome place to hang out.

Of course, there comes a time though in every hardcore pinners madness that you realize… I have hundreds of pins for great looking recipes and awesome DIY/craft projects…. but I haven’t actually done any of them!

I came to this realization a few weeks ago but I slipped into denial. “No, maybe I haven’t made anything yet. But I WILL! Eventually…” I told myself.

Denial always eventually passes, though, and we must face the harsh reality of things. Nearly 1,500 pins, and nothing actually made? Atrocious! Ok ok… a good chunk of those pins are not for recipes or projects. A lot are favorite photos, beauty inspiration etc. Still, there are a lot of pins and nothing’s been made. We must change this.

I made a “Done It” board today, to pin the things I’ve actually made/done. I have 20 pins to this board already as silly me, I realized in going through my pins that some of the things I actually HAVE done. (How a person forgets this is beyond me. We’ll chalk my blonde moment(s) recently up to all the stress and heartache I’ve been dealing with for the past month or so…)

Feeling inspired, I am waiting for the results of another thing I pinned (soon!) and I will have item number 21 to add to the Done It board.

And to continue being able to add to the Done It board, I’ve decided that for all the recipes I’ve pinned, I will choose one each month to actually make. I opted for monthly as opposed to weekly simply because most of the recipes I have pinned are for utter junk nutritionally speaking. Heh. Hey, when I COOK I don’t use recipes, I only use them when I bake and as such that means most of the recipes I save are for sweets and the like. So with that in mind I decided weekly ventures are not the best way to go, but monthly is a far more sane route to take.

And then for crafts and DIY… that is a little trickier because depending on the project and my skill level with whatever it involves, any given project could take me mere hours to complete or it might take a couple weeks. So. I will shoot for every other week on the crafty stuff to choose something from my boards to make. If it’s “time to pick another” but I’ve not completed the last chosen project yet then I’ll hold off till the in progress work has been finished.

Are you on Pinterest? Have you actually made anything you’ve pinned? Would a Done It board help you actually make use of the things you’ve pinned?

If you want to check out my Done It board, just click here. And if you want to see my other boards, just click my username in the top left once you’re viewing the Done It board, and it will take you to my profile where you can see all my boards. Yes. Including my “every single girl apparently has to have one” dream wedding board…. what? Don’t judge me…

(If you need an invitation to join Pinterest I would be happy to send you one. I still think it’s silly you need to be invited… but anyway. Leave me your email address and I can hook you up.)


One thought on “Stick A Pin In It

  1. Wow. I just have absolutely no idea what to say. LOL So much on the go, so much on the wish lists, lots that’s been done… Wow… That’s all I can say…. LOL

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