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Low-Key Saturday

I’ve had a pretty uneventful day today. Which means the day is nothing like I had planned/expected. The Mister was hoping to come over for the day; we were going to have a day in just us. Watch a movie (a chick flick of course as it’s my turn to pick) maybe cook a meal together or just order pizza, just enjoy some much needed alone time… but, the universe intervened and put an end to those plans last night. sigh. Oh well. We are both disappointed, and he really feels badly because he’s feeling like he let me down. I’ve assured him he hasn’t and that while I’m disappointed it’s ok and we can try for another day… we were both really counting on today though. Life just interferes sometimes, that can’t be helped. So, hopefully next weekend instead.

The guy from the store we bought our stove at was out this afternoon to take a look at it and see what’s wrong with it. He was only here a couple minutes, he very quickly found the problem. There was a bad connection in the wiring that connects everything to the clock/control panel that burnt out and caused some damage. So they’re going to order a replacement part and give me a call when it comes in to schedule an appointment to come and replace it. He said it should be in around the end of next week. So, hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to use my oven again. Though honestly at this point I’ve gotten so used to using the crock pot and the toaster oven… I’m not sure I miss the oven all that much anymore! But it will be nice to get it taken care of, and it’s great that everything is still well under the warranty so there is no money needed for the repairs.

My cell phone has been acting up now too though. Incoming calls/messages are fine but I can’t make any calls or send any messages. And of course when at the store to have them look at the phone… blasted thing worked just fine. They did re-set the phone to their network (or whatever it is they needed to do) and it’s working fine for now but if I start having trouble again they will have to “dig deeper” to find the problem.

I spent a little time on the porch with my camera, watching the hummingbird feeders. I’ve got the sweeties almost totally weaned off the colored nectar, my goal is to have uncolored nectar by July and depending on how quickly they finish this latest batch of nectar I might just meet that goal. I never buy store-bought nectar for our hummingbird feeders, I always make my own. It’s just colored sugar water. 1 part sugar to 4-5 parts water, stir till the sugar dissolves then add the food coloring. I don’t like giving the babies all that food coloring though. Despite reading in numerous places that they don’t need the food coloring to find the feeders, I’ve tried in years past to just put out clear nectar and the years I’ve done that, the hummingbirds never come around. So I have taken to weaning them off the colored nectar instead. When I first put the feeders out I use just enough food coloring for a nice bright red color to the nectar, but every couple re-fills I decrease the amount of food coloring till I’m not using it at all. The birds seem to do much better with it this way than just starting out with the clear nectar. It gives them a chance to be attracted to the feeders with the bright red nectar, and by the time I get down to the clear nectar they are used to the feeders being there and don’t need the attraction of the red nectar anymore. I made a batch this morning with just one drop of food coloring (so the nectar is a pretty soft pink shade!) and if they keep up at the rate they’ve been consuming the nectar this year, I’ll be refilling with clear nectar at the end of the month. =) Next year my goal will be to have them weaned off the colored nectar by mid June, and I’ll work them down a little bit faster than I did this year.

Anyway I didn’t look at the pictures yet but hopefully I got at least one or two half decent ones. I’ve been trying to photograph the hummingbirds for years and am yet to get some REALLY good shots of them. The problem is in where we keep the feeders… however, if we put them anywhere else the ants get into them. Where they are now (on the porch) is best for keeping ants out, and it’s also easiest for us to sit and watch the birds come around too. But the lighting situation makes photographing them well darned near impossible. I am trying new techniques and different settings and such though and hopefully eventually I’ll find some settings that will work well. Next year I will try to get another feeder or two to hang in the yard somewhere, and I’ll have to invest in the ant moats that are supposed to last all season to keep the ants out. Then I should be able to get some decent pictures. For now though… I kind of like the challenge of the crummy lighting on the porch. We’ll see.

Anyway. I have some things to take care of and then I think I’m going to grab some cotton yarn and my knitting needles and start working on some hand towels for the kitchen. Or something. I dunno. I feel like knitting, today… Speaking of knitting a couple days ago I whipped up a wash cloth. It’s not quite square… and it’s a tad big for my preferences. But I like it. I will need to get more of the yarn I used; it was a skein my sister gave me and I really love it. It is Bernat Baby’s First – it’s a nice cotton acrylic blend. So soft… I didn’t use a pattern. I just decided what I wanted to do, then did it.


One thought on “Low-Key Saturday

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’re feeding the humminbirds. Not many people are so fortunate to have opportunities to get close to them like you do, you know. They’re such flighty little things; they spook at the first hint of anything. But they really are one of nature’s most amazing animals, and any opportunity that comes up to be around them is awesome. πŸ™‚

    Have a great day and a great week ahead, my friend. πŸ™‚

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