Melting Pot

Coolest Car EVER!

My oldest niece is here for a little visit for the holiday. Spoiled thing that she is, we took her for a little shopping trip this morning. She finally got to meet the Mister as well, something she has been hounding me about for months. All the fuss she made over wanting to meet him, and she didn’t say a word to him and wanted to leave after about twenty seconds of him trying to nudge at least a small conversation out of her. I let her go to start looking for whatever she wanted to buy while I continued to talk to the Mister for a couple minutes. One more reason I am glad he has kids of his own… he’s understanding of her behavior as despite what she has convinced herself she is very much a typical 11.5 year old girl! haha Later when I caught up with her she said she doesn’t like the Mister and that he’s scary. She would not say why/how he’s scary, just that he is. She doesn’t mean it of course, she’s just being ridiculous. I know she doesn’t like him because she feels like he will take me away from her, and me having him in my life somehow will make me love her less. Which is nonsense of course, but I understand that that’s how she feels though and I’ve made every effort to assure her that nobody can take her place in my life or make me love her any less or make her any less special. I am sure as she gets to hang out with the Mister more with time, she will come to love him. So I’m not worried.

We also ran to Lowe’s to peek around at the plants. While we were heading in we saw the COOLEST freakin’ car EVER! The man who owns it was just getting in as we were walking by. We asked if we could take some pictures. He was happy to let us take pictures, and he pulled out of his parking spot so we could get a better look at the car. Check this thing out…

It’s that AWESOME?! It even plays the song, I wanted to get video when he started the music but at that point a couple cars had pulled up behind him and wanted to get through so he had to go and I didn’t get a chance to get video of it while it played the song. But even so the pictures tell you this is a cool car! I love it!

We’ve got to run out again as we forgot ice. We’re firing up the grill soon, and making homemade ice cream today as well. The little one’s grandma is coming to get her in a while to take her swimming. I don’t know if she will be back after that or not.

Have a fantastic day all, and for my fellow Americans please celebrate this Memorial Day responsibly & remember the meaning of this holiday & take a few moments to express your gratitude to the men and women of our armed forces!

 (the above banner image is courtesy of Blogging For Books.)


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