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‘Tis The Season

Strawberry season, that is. Oh I just love fresh strawberries! And I do not mean those shipped into the grocery stores from other areas. No. Sure they’re good enough from time to time. But there is no strawberry sweeter or fresher than those from the local farm a couple minutes away from where we live. We stopped in today and picked up a strawberry pie, since with the oven out of commission I can’t bake up my own pie crust right now. I also got a quart of berries for snacking on. I wanted to get more…. loads and loads more…. but money is unfortunately very tight (again) right now and will be for the next couple of weeks. I am hoping we can swing another visit in while there are still strawberries available, I’d like at the very least to be able to make some jam. I just had a salad for lunch and followed it up with a slice of said pie… oh dear it was SO good! It’s impossible to not be happy when eating strawberry pie! I could sit and eat that whole thing by myself right now, lol. I won’t, of course. But wouldn’t it be fabulous if calories didn’t count and you really could just sit down and eat a whole strawberry pie? Ah… another slice tomorrow will be ok, though. So till then when the urge to have more is really strong I will opt instead to just munch on some of the berries from the quart basket.

It’s also the season for grilling and barbecuing. We don’t barbecue anymore, we need a new smoker first. But we do grill all the time. For *us* there’s no such thing as a time of year that you can’t grill. And no, we don’t resort to those “indoor grill” pans they have. Nope. We brave the coldest of winter days to go outside and do it right! We’re crazy that way, I suppose.  But for those not so enthralled by their grills, it’s now officially time to uncover the grills and get them fired up.

And of course… swimming season is now upon us as well. Pools are opening up everywhere. Swimming is not a refreshing joy of summer I can partake in, personally. I can’t even just go sit by a pool to enjoy the company of those who are able to go in. The chlorine makes me sick; even just being close enough to smell it makes my head hurt and my stomach upset. I am sometimes tempted to at least try to sit on the edge with my legs in the water… but it’s not something I can handle. I would love to be able to splash about and cool off on hot, humid days… sigh. Instead I head for air conditioning, though, since that’s really my only option. It sucks being sensitive to chlorine this way. But it is what it is.

I have my fingers crossed that the Mister and I can spend a little time together next weekend. It is the town’s annual fleatique next weekend. (Fancy word for everyone in town trying to sell their junk on the sidewalks. lol) I like to go just to walk through town, really. Occasionally you can find something good; for instance last year I found a vintage Hershey’s Kisses mug that I could not pass up for only 25 cents. My dad loves anything Hershey’s related, so I knew he’d like it. If nothing else the fleatique is a good excuse to get out of the house and walk a bit. If I can pair that up with the added bonus of spending time with the Mister, I will be happier than… well. My brain isn’t working and I can’t think up a good analogy at the moment. But it would make me indescribably happy, let’s put it that way. (= I just love walking around with him. Holding hands, stopping to check things out together, an occasional kiss… *sigh*

I think we are going to have to head to Tractor Supply again soon to get some snake repellent.  I had a hunch we should have bought some the last time we were there, but we didn’t do it. And we have since seen several snakes in the yard, and our neighbors are also having some issues with snakes right now as well. I don’t like snakes. (Though my fear of them is not as great as my fear of spiders… yuck!) I just don’t like knowing they are around when I have pets who like to play in the yard. One of the snakes I saw was when I was out with Rascal and she wanted to play with it, crazy puppy. (Jenna always wants to go after them when she sees them, too…) Makes me so nervous. Rather than killing them (which we have done with a couple and even though I don’t like them I always feel a sense of sorrow and guilt over it) I’d like to just try the repellent and see if it helps and if so use that to just keep them safely away from our yard. Both for our safety and theirs.

I am feeling tempted to cut my hair. I always get the urge to cut it when hot weather sets in. Not that I don’t know of tons of ways to put it up to keep it off my neck… but sometimes I wish for the simplicity of being able to throw it in a pony tail and be done with it. As long as my hair is, a simply pony tail does nothing in terms of getting your hair up off your neck. Not to mention what the humidity does to it. O.O My hair is already really thick anyway, add humidity and it turns into a thick frizzy beast of a mess. lol But, I won’t cut it. Not even an inch. The Mister likes my hair long, as do I. Not to mention I am curious as to how long I can stand to let it get. (I am easily amused.) It’s about tail bone length now. I’d love to see it hit classic length, if I can stand the wait to get there. But it is inevitable, now… a hair cut will likely be in the not too distant future for me. I won’t go as short and drastic as I did last time. Never again. haha But probably bra strap length or so, perhaps a smidgen shorter than that even. We’ll see. For now though I’m going to leave it alone, and continue to enjoy the Mister calling me Rapunzel. =D

Have a lovely weekend all!


One thought on “‘Tis The Season

  1. So how was the “fleatique” Leah? Did you see anything that caught your eye? You know what they say about one person’s junk being another person’s treasure. And don’t forget that some people have bought what they thought had no real value, only to discover later that it had enormous value. Wouldn’t that be nice, eh? To find something that looks like “junk”, and later discover that it’s worth thousands? That would be soooo cool.

    I don’t know what to suggest re: the snake problem. I know that snakes are awesome vermin controllers, but from what you’re describing, it sounds like you might have an infestation. I would be good if your local Fish and Wildlife office could find a cause for that and come up with a solution that won’t mean killing them.

    Glad to hear you and your beau are doing well. It makes me feel happy to know that you are happy. ♥ ♥ ♥

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