Melting Pot

Little Pleasures

Still no call from the eye doctor that my new glasses are in. Which actually, for now, is fine by me. The more time between my last exam and the next one when I go to pick up the glasses, the more time my eyes have to heal so perhaps I will not be scolded again for no real reason. (Seriously… who would deliberately do things wrong to mess with their vision? You know?) One of my contacts that I was given at my last exam ripped somehow already. I got another to replace it however it was not the right kind; the doctor had given me a new kind to wear, and I can only assume she didn’t make note of that on my chart since the receptionist gave me one of the old kind I’d been wearing. But whatever. As long as I can see to get through the days…

I am actually looking forward to getting my new glasses though. And that never happens. I hate glasses. Hate them like you wouldn’t believe. But when I was picking out glasses at my last exam, I actually had trouble choosing a pair. Usually I try on dozens of pairs, and wind up picking whichever pair I hate the least because I hate them all. But this time I only tried on about six pairs, and I had trouble choosing because I actually really liked most of them! Once I can save up a little more money again, I actually would not mind ordering another pair or two of the other frames I liked, to give myself some options. But we’ll see.

Of course my favorite favorite thing remains the contacts – I feel I can see better with them than with glasses, and of course there’s the very vain reason of I feel I look better without glasses so I tend to be more confident when I’m wearing contacts. And there are just times glasses get in the way or make things difficult and contacts are the better choice. (For instance, I loathe exercising if wearing glasses – they slide down your nose, sweat drips onto the lenses, depending on the weather they fog up on you and you can’t see anything then… it’s just sucky!) But then there are moments glasses are not all that bad, and then there are the times contacts can be irritating (literally) and you NEED the glasses. Anyway at this point I just hope the problems have cleared up and she’ll write me a prescription for new contacts so I can have both options at my disposal.

This is the first – and to this point the only – decent picture I have managed to get of Rascal’s face. She just will not sit still for pictures, yet! I took this at the beginning of the month. She looks a bit different even after just these couple of weeks, though not much. Just that her beard has gotten longer, though it’s still not full-on Schnauzer beard yet, and only time will tell if it ever becomes that long. She’s starting chewing again, right on schedule for losing her baby teeth which ought to start happening in the next couple of weeks. Fun times. I’ve got her teething bones in the fridge for her so they’re nice and cool when she needs them, and I’ve re-stocked her other favorite chewy toys and will get her some busy bones to chew on when I go grocery shopping this week as well. She and Jenna truly adore each other now, and both of the girls have also taken to enjoying play dates with the neighbor’s dog every couple of nights through the week. She loves to torment the kitties, and uses their dislike of loud noise to her advantage. We can’t feed the kitties, anymore, without blocking off the kitchen with the gate so she can’t chase them from their food. The other option is to feed them in my dad’s room instead, and we will sometimes do that depending on how willing the kitties are to leave my dad’s room (their favorite place since bringing Rascal home) when it’s time for them to eat.

The guys working at my neighbor’s across the street have almost completed their work. He’s had his yard dug and leveled off a bit (it was all hillside before) and he’s also having a garage built. Almost every day since the weather’s warmed sufficiently for the work, there has been near constant noise from it. Noise which I have not minded one bit. Strange, I know. Once they are done, it will be so odd to NOT hear and see them out there all the time!

I caved in and joined Julep Maven a few days ago. I’d been intrigued by them for months. But never looked into how it works enough before to be able to decide if it was worth it or not.  Then a couple weeks ago I got a promotion code to join for just one penny (as opposed to the usual $20) and I decided that for a penny, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it out. It truly was JUST a penny… free shipping is a beautiful thing. I got my introductory box this morning, and I have to say I am quite pleased. I do believe I will stick with Julep Maven for a while. =) No clue what Julep Maven is? Allow me to explain. Julep is a nail color brand, and they also offer other manicure and pedicure essentials (creams, oils etc.) and Maven is their subscription program. When you sign up, you start by taking a “style quiz” to determine your style as based on their styling system. (I’m a “Classic With A Twist”, if you’re curious.) Then each month, for $20, you get a box of polishes (2 or 3 colors, most often) and whatever the featured product for that month is – all full-size items. You get an email previewing the contents of your style’s box for the month. Then you have a couple days in which to decide what you want to do – you can do nothing and get your style box sent to you, you can take a peek at the colors in the boxes for other styles and choose to get one of those boxes instead if you prefer. You can have your box sent to someone else as a gift. Or, if you just aren’t feeling any of the colors for any styles for that month or if you just don’t have the money, you can skip that month. Mavens also get the additional perks of 20% off plus free shipping on all orders from the Julep online shop. So to sum it up, joining Maven gets you some goodies every month (unless you choose to skip it) for $20 (bear in mind each Julep polish normally sells for $14 a piece so this really is a great deal!) AND you get a discount on any orders you may place besides your monthly Maven box plus free shipping on every order with no codes to enter. Interested? There’s still a little time (a little… sorry for not sharing sooner…) to try them out for a penny. Tomorrow, the 24th, is the last day for the offer. Just enter the code MAYINTRO when you sign up, and you can try them out for literally just a penny. If you decide upon getting your intro box that you don’t care for them and you don’t want to be a Maven after all, simply log in and cancel your account. You’ve only got a penny to lose. Even I can afford a penny and I’m broke. lol Click HERE to join. (And in the interest of full disclosure, each link I’ve provided to Julep Maven in this post is my referral link…  for every 2 friends who sign up through your referral link, you get a free month to your subscription.)

So all that ado about Julep… it’s a little thing to make me a bit happier and to give me something to look forward to. Yeah, it’s totally materialistic and some might say shallow or vain… but I love nail polish, though these days I don’t buy much of it like I used to. It’s something small and simple that can put a smile on my face. I like getting things in the mail, however all I ever get is bills. This gives me a little something I can look forward to each month, and I will take whatever little bits of joy the universe will give me. I don’t have a heck of a lot to look forward to in my life… so I’ll take what I can get.

The local farm has strawberries ready, and I am hoping to get to head up there soon (like this weekend) to pick a couple baskets of berries with which to make homemade jam and perhaps a pie or two. I’ll need to borrow my neighbor’s oven to bake off the pie crusts, but she won’t mind. Or maybe I can manage to buy a toaster oven this week. I’ve been wanting one anyway. I guess it will depend on if there is one I like that is both cheap enough and in stock when I’m at the store.

I’m finally seeing results from my weight loss efforts… and it feels so good to finally see my hard work paying off. Some pants I bought just a couple weeks ago are already looser. I still have a long way to go before I’m happy with my size, but to see a difference is encouraging. It gets disheartening when you’re working your butt off for several weeks without seeing any changes… so when those changes finally start to show, it’s a boost of encouragement for sure! I refuse to step on the scale, anymore, though. (Not that I could even if I wanted to right now, the battery died and I’ve yet to replace it.) I know all too well from past experience that it’s far too easy to become obsessed with what the scale says and it can be horribly depressing looking at those numbers which honestly are not all THAT important. I’m not sure I’ll ever replace that battery… though it’s tempting for no reason beyond wanting to know how much Rascal weighs right now. But I know if the scale is in working order again I’ll obsess over it, and I’ll end up frustrated and I’ll lose the progress I’ve managed to make as a result.

I’m sure the fact that I’ve just not had much of an appetite for a couple months has helped in my efforts. I’m making sure I eat through the day, of course. But I’ve only been eating when I am truly hungry – not when I’m bored or emotional. Not eating when emotional is a HUGE thing for me, as I am an emotional eater. I still have my moments, but I’m learning that if I REALLY want to emotional at at least I can have some dignity and willpower and say “Ok, I’m miserable and some ice cream will make me feel a little better temporarily so I’ll have a SMALL bowl and really indulge in it, but I’m NOT going to over-do it like I used to!”. And yes being totally honest I do still have some moments when I over do it… but not to the extent that I used to, either. I’m getting better at it, slowly. And that’s something. Beyond those moments, though, my appetite seems to be under control and I just don’t crave things (bad, bad things lol) like I used to. I’m so thankful for this… I made a plea to the universe to help me with this, and the universe has granted me the help I needed. I know it’s in my hands to make healthy choices about what and how much I eat and to be sure I get plenty of exercise, but so much of this is mental and when you struggle with depression and throw emotional eating into the mix, losing weight is near impossible. I’m hopeful that this time will be the time I can stay on track and get to where I want to be.

So all that said it is about time to make some lunch and start contemplating supper. I turn to my crock pot more and more for supper these days, with the oven not working. I need to find more crock pot recipes… but the catch there is I need crock pot recipes that will make just enough for ONE person as I have only myself to cook for… anyone have any good “cooking for one” crock pot recipes to share? Any kind of recipes will do, breakfast, lunch, supper, dessert… so long as it makes one serving, or maybe two or three so I have leftovers is fine. I also love “one skillet supper” type recipes, so if anyone has any recipes for such meals that will make a small number of servings, I’d love that too. The only thing I have to make note of here is this: I don’t like seafood. I will occasionally have a breaded fish filet (whatever kind of fish it is that Gorton’s uses for this… not the tilapia ones, I don’t like tilapia) but beyond that, I’m not much of a fan of seafood. I find many recipes calling for fish of any sort I can substitute chicken with tasty results, though…

Wow I have rambled a lot in this post. If you managed to read all that…. I’m sorry for sucking up so much of your time.

I’m off. Have a wonderful day, all!


One thought on “Little Pleasures

  1. Rascal is absolutely adorable, Leah – and those perked-up ears of her say she’s also full of mischief. LOL Ahhhh…. Puppies… Always exploring everything…. LOL 😀 With her teething, are you finding that she sticks to her chew toys and bones, or is she chewing on shoes and anything else she can get her teeth on? If she’s going after everything and you want some help, I know of some corrective measures that work quite well and don’t cause any pain. Just let me know, and I’ll help as much as I can.

    Strawberries are already ripe enough for picking? Holy cow, girl… Talk about accelerated growth… :O Of course, I do have to admit that I love fresh strawberries… 🙂

    You’re absolutely right to ignore the scale! And congratulations on peeling off those layers! 🙂 Scales are not to be trusted; they don’t accurately reflect anything. The best, most accurate thing you can use to measure your progress is your clothing – you’re absolutely right about that. And isn’t it so much nice and much more encouraging when clothing feels looser, eh? You’re doing great, sweetie; keep it up! 🙂

    About your comment at my blog: I know what you mean about things falling apart. Our house is in desperate need of attention, too. But I suck it up as best I can, because it beats the hell out of renting from someone else and having to do everything their way. I’m too set in my ways, now, to go back to that.

    I hope you have a great day, my friend. Enjoy your weather… 🙂

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