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Oh. My. Gosh. What a stressful day! I have learned something today though. And that is this little fact: I will NEVER be a professional baker. EVER. It is far too stressful!

I thought I had planned well for this baby shower cake. I really did. But, apparently not. Of course I am no expert, I have no idea what I’m doing, truly. But I have baked a lot of cakes over the years, I watch Food Network Challenge all the time, as well as several other shows dedicated to baking and decorating cakes. Surely some bits of wisdom came through all that… surely… but I guess not. Oh sure little things came into my mind quite well. But transitioning that into reality as I actually put those random bits of information to use is a completely different story.

I nearly cried today over a blasted cake for goodness sakes! (haha… rhyming is fun isn’t it?) I was able to salvage it. But it still has to survive the night and a car ride tomorrow to be delivered and set up. My stomach is in knots. I can’t handle this kind of pressure!

But enough talking and on to the cake, yes? I only have cell cam pics at the moment. Cake Gods willing, I will get better pictures tomorrow at the shower.

The cake on top is a Monster High themed “big sister” cake for the older sister of the baby. I’m tickled with this one. This was the easy one.  I was inspired by this lovely cake I saw on Pinterest. I learned that it is from Sugar & Spice Cakes. I wasn’t able to find the cake on their site – my computer is too old and slow, and it would not load many pages of their site because of all the pictures (of all the GORGEOUS cakes!) but you can see it here: clicky  ‘Tis the blue cake at the end of the post.  I saw that cake and LOVED it, and wanted to achieve that look on the big sister cake. I couldn’t quite figure out how it was done, though… I think I don’t have quite the right tip for the job. But I am pleased with how mine turned out, regardless. There are black and pink sugar pearls along the bottom in lieu of a piped border. There is edible glitter sprinkled on the skull design (in colors matching the icing) and also on top.

And as for the baby shower cake… the bear was meant to sit on top of the sheet cake. But even with some dowels for support, he was just too heavy and was not only squishing the sheet cake but also tipping over. So, I lifted him and lost a small piece of his belly in the process. I mulled over what to do to save the sheet cake. It was too squished to save, really. I decided to cut away the squished portion and place the bear cake on the cake board in that spot. The bear was supposed to be holding a ‘rattle’ made of rice krispy treats and a pretzel rod coated in white chocolate & decorated a bit. But, I ended up deciding that with an already compromised stability in the bear cake, the rattle was too heavy to use. So I skipped it. (I guess I have a snack for later, now…) The bear is holding a fondant “blanket” which conveniently covers his damaged belly (and you wondered why bakers sometimes place things where they do…)  and also has the baby’s name and birth date piped on it. (Yes, this baby shower is for a baby who came a month early!) I also sprinkled some edible glitter on the sheet cake, which you can’t really see in the picture but it adds a nice little touch.

The cake topper, sugar pearls, sprinkles etc. are all things I ordered from Sweet Baking Supply. I had never purchased from them before, but I loved the experience and will buy from them again when the need arises. I recommend them if you need baking or decorating supplies. =)

OK. Well. It’s nearing bed time and I have some things I need to take care of and MUST get these contacts out asap. I’m having some problems with them and my eye doctor only allowed me to get this pair because my glasses had broken and I NEED to wear the contacts for right now but she was not happy about giving them to me. Till this problem clears up (hopefully any day now!) I can only wear my contacts as long as is absolutely necessary to get me through the day. Once my glasses come in I will probably have to skip contacts for a couple weeks before I am allowed to wear them again if I am allowed to wear them again at all. I have to have another exam when the glasses come in to find out. Hoping the problem has cleared up by then though. In the mean time, I must wander blindly for as much of the day as I can stand to do it… otherwise I could risk losing my vision permanently. Yikes! (It’s always something with me… sigh.) So. Doing my best to handle everything in as little time as possible these days so I don’t have the contacts in too long. But they have been in a bit too long today as they’re starting to bug me a bit which means I need to finish up the last couple things I needed to get done today and get these suckers out! Send some good vision vibes my way please, loves. I need it.



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  1. The cakes are AWESOME, Leah! I’ve seen many really fancy cakes like yours, and many times, I’ve thought about giving a go on one myself. But I always lose my courage at the last minute. LOL Maybe I’ll try when I have my reno party, though; we’ll see. In the meantime, I think you’ve done an absolutely fantastic job – and how creative of you to come up with such a great solution for the bear! Excellent job, my friend. Excellent job. 🙂

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