Melting Pot

Rain & Randomness

I just love Panera, don’t you? Everything they have is so yummy. As far as drinks go this one is my favorite; it’s a frozen caramel. Oh so good! I didn’t realize I didn’t get the whole thing in the picture but it’s topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. Pretty and tasty. (=  My only wish is that there were a Panera closer to where we live. (I have this same wish for Chick-fil-A… our town SERIOUSLY needs more eatery options. We have Sub Way, McDonalds (YUCK by the way…) Sheetz and a couple local pizzerias. Not the most appetizing options. I don’t like Sub Way, but I’d eat there before I’d eat at McDonalds. The stuff at Sheetz is decent, but not exactly the most extensive menu really. I’m still not sure how in this town there are 4 successful pizzerias… but they all do well. I guess we eat loads of pizza around here? (Not us personally, but this area in general.) If Panera (and CFA) were in town… I’d be happy. We don’t eat out that often so when we do I like to make it at places we truly enjoy the food, service and atmosphere. Which usually means a lengthy trip closer to Pittsburgh. But I suppose for the occasional indulgence that eating out is for us, the trips are worth it.

The girls had a play date with the neighbor’s dog yesterday, and fun was had by all! I was nervous about letting Rascal off her leash, but she stuck by Jenna and Komack and behaved herself very well. (Our yards are not fenced in, as we cannot afford it. It’s a dream, maybe some day…) I am glad Rascal gets to socialize, and it’s also good that Jenna has really perked up and become more active and playful since bringing Rascal home. Both Jenna and I have lost a few pounds since Rascal joined the family, which we both really needed to do! With continued daily walks and play dates, Jenna will be in tip top shape, and I will be at my goal weight in no time at all! (Well, ok… for me at least it’s still going to take a while. But I’m definitely getting there!)

My cell phone was not working for the past couple of weeks, so I went to the Cricket store this morning. (Hence the stop at Panera!) The guy reset my phone, but it still wouldn’t work. So he did it again and now it’s working. But… I lost all my pictures and video in the process. I figured as much before even heading out there though, and had emailed myself as many of the pictures as I could stand to send, since it had to be done one at a time. When I upgrade my phone I’ll be getting a smart phone – those can typically be connected to the computer to save the pictures, right? I know the iphone does that, but I can’t afford an iphone. To be more clear, the phone itself I could manage to save up for… it’s the necessary service plan that I could never possibly afford. So I will just stick with Cricket’s services thankyouverymuch.

I also stopped to get flowers and some things a friend needed from the grocery store. While there I stopped to look at the cards, though I couldn’t begin to explain why. I browsed the cards just for fun. And then I found one I had to get. It’s for the Mister. It’s sweet and funny, just like he is. I can’t wait to see him again so I can give it to him. (= ♥

It’s been very rainy lately. I don’t mind the cooler temperatures we have had – prefer them in fact. But a little sunshine would be nice!

I’ve got a bit of a headache, so I’m off to relax. My final note for this post is to share the sad news that Glittersniffer Cosmetics is going out of business. While I’m sad to see them go (they’re one of my favorites!), I adore Lela (the owner) and I’m glad we had the chance to become friends through her company, and I happily support any decision she makes. I’m sure that whatever her plans are for her future, she will be successful and do amazing things! She’s selling off her remaining stock of items in boxes loaded with lots of goodies for a ridiculously low price, and the boxes are going FAST! If you’d like one, head over to  RIGHT NOW to order yours! At the time I am writing this post, there are only FOUR boxes left to be purchased, so you don’t have long to think this one over! You can choose a “small” box for $25 or a “large” one for $45. Either way you’re going to get LOTS of great stuff, so it’s worth it.

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all. ♥


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