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One Man’s Junk is Another’s Treasure

We went to the fleamarket this morning. There were not many people there given the sucky weather. But we were still drawn to go. And I’m convinced this camera was why. Most of what was there was just junk. (To me. I suppose there’s a buyer for everything…) We were walking up through the first row of vendors and I saw this camera. I nearly lunged for it. I love vintage cameras, but I’ve never had the chance to own one. So as soon as my eyes fell on this I knew I HAD to have it! I snatched it up and paid the man who was selling it without even bothering to barter on the price ($20) because I knew it was a fair price anyway and I just wanted it that much… I tucked it into the box and walked away happily. It was the only thing we bought, other than two stuffed animals for my oldest niece and some fresh kettle corn.

I have not had a chance to get a good look at it yet. Hopefully tomorrow. I doubt that it’s in working condition. But that doesn’t matter to me, anyway. I love the look and feel of the old twin lens cameras. If someone (CANON!!!) were to make a twin lens style digital camera??? Oh lordy…. I’d HAVE to have one! But back to this one… it doesn’t matter if it works or not. If it does, I doubt I’d have much luck finding/affording film and film processing. If not, there’s a way to use these old cameras even if they don’t work, anyway. Regardless of working condition I simply love vintage cameras, especially the twin lens cameras. The fact that this one is a Kodak makes it extra special, given they have stopped making cameras. (Still cannot believe it. I’ve always been a Canon girl anyway, but to not love Kodak seems crazy.)

I’ve been needing some photographic inspiration, lately. Maybe having this camera will help me find some.


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