Melting Pot

Crazy Morning

It feels so good to sit down right now! My morning has been filled with cleaning and Rascal puppy craziness. She only woke me twice last night. She was probably up and fussing more than that, but I think I’ve gotten used to her racket and know which noises are just “I’m awake, stuck in this damn crate and bored!” and which noises mean “Wake up, I need something!” and I’m somehow managing now to sleep through the former and only waking up for the latter.

Once she woke up for the morning, Rascal and I headed outside and she LOVES it out in the yard. She has taken to running as hard as she can through the yard. Which makes me wish so much we could afford to fence it in so I could unleash her and really let her go as fast as she wants… I can’t run with her much, because when you start running with her she decides she wants to attack your ankles. I don’t want to accidentally step on her. But anyway. She was awake this morning longer than she’s been for one stretch since we brought her home – a whole 3 hours! And most of that was spent running, jumping and playing. She’s starting to learn her name now and she’s learning “no” – probably because “no” is the word she hears most right now. lol

Between trips outside with Rascal (and a trip with Jenna as well) I cleaned up as much as I could with a puppy chasing after me and trying to bite at my skirt and my ankles. (She’s learning that biting is not nice, but when she’s playing she still tries to do it a lot.) I still have more cleaning to do, but I needed to take a break. It was noon and I had been up for 7 hours and still had not found time to eat anything… it’s so bad to skip breakfast, I know. But there just is not time for it, some days. I try to always eat at least a little something, even if it’s just a slice of toast. But there are mornings that life is just too hectic even for that. So with Rascal settled into her crate for a nap, I made some lunch and sat down to eat. And then I decided while I’m still sitting after finishing said lunch, I may as well hop on the computer for a wee bit before I get back to cleaning.

Despite having skipped breakfast, I kept my lunch light and healthy. I contemplated tossing a frozen pizza in the oven but knew that was not a good idea. And I needed something faster anyway. I ended up having a tuna sandwich. I made it a bit healthier than I normally would have though. Instead of mixing up the mayo and tuna like you normally would for tuna salad sandwich, I left the tuna plain and just spread a little may on the bread. (Which, ps, was whole wheat. I love me the good old white sandwich bread but I’m trying to break free from it because I know the whole wheat and other multi-grain breads are much healthier!) I also piled it high with lots of lettuce. It was still just as tasty as the usual way but I used a LOT less mayo which of course means less fat and calories. So. Little changes, right?

I suppose I’ve had enough of a break… time to get back to the household chores. Fuuuun. -_- Such a gorgeous day outside today, and I get to spend it inside cleaning. Yay.


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