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Puppy Love

The first night with the puppy was a rough one. I got about two hours of sleep. I was spoiled with Jenna when we got her, because when we got her she was pretty much already adjusted to being away from her momma. She was 8 weeks old just like Rascal (we still have not come up with an official name for her yet. She’s a hard one to name, nothing seems quite right for her!) however her first few weeks of life were spent running free outdoors and she was one of only two pups in the litter. So her adjusting to a new home was fairly painless in terms of sleepless nights of crying and feeling lonesome. Rascal, however, felt a need to wake up and cry just about every hour on the hour, just as I was starting to fall asleep again every time. I would get out of bed and try to get her to play or eat or potty… each time she wanted none of that. She wanted to cuddle and sleep with me. I will allow that when she’s older, but for now she’s still just too small and she can’t get on/off the bed by herself and I don’t want her to fall and get hurt during the night. So for now she’s going to have to learn to just sleep in her crate. Through the night. Without throwing  a fit. It’s going to be a lovely couple of weeks while she adjusts…

Jenna has her iffy moments with Rascal. She’s starting to get a little jealous of her (I’m doing my best to continue devoting as much time to her as usual) and Jenna’s a pretty laid back and not too playful dog. So she’s not quite sure what to make of it when Rascal tries to play with her. The cats are maintaining their distance… which is fine with me. I’d much prefer they just keep a little safe barrier between them and Rascal than start a fur baby war amongst themselves… though as Rascal is getting more comfortable with them she’s wanting to play with them as well and they are not the kind of cats who are going to play with a puppy, not by any means! Again, a lovely couple of weeks while everyone adjusts!

Everyone is napping now. Except the one who needs a nap most… ME! I have too much to do to take a nap. And at this point it’s getting a little too late in the evening for a nap anyway. Perhaps an early bed time is in order for tonight…

In other news, I’ve got some cinnamon rolls waiting to go into the oven in a while. I tried a recipe I found online a while back, but there was a lot I didn’t like about it. There was another recipe I had used some time ago, and there were things I didn’t care for about that one as well. I browsed some other recipes and all the recipes I could find were nearly the same. SO. I did what anyone would do. I took what I liked about a couple different recipes, tweaked things where needed, and came up with my own recipe. Hopefully it’ll turn out well. I’ll find out in… hmmm…. an hour or so, maybe. They’re resting for their second rise right now and I’m not sure how long that will take before I can pop them into the oven. If they turn out well I will be sure to share the recipe. =)

Well as I said, lots to do! Must tackle a good bit of cleaning while the puppy is napping… amazing how a tiny little puppy can create so much mess. Not five minutes after I swept the floors earlier, there was puppy chow scattered all over the floor again… in a different room than the room in which her food bowl is kept. haha. Not sure how she worked that one out but she’s definitely increasing the amount of cleaning I have to deal with in a day!


1 thought on “Puppy Love”

  1. Some puppies go through separation anxiety. It sounds like that’s what’s going on with your pup. A couple of ideas that have been used by many, and with pretty good success, are a teddy bear or a ticking clock placed in their crate/bed with them at night. The teddy bear resembles their mother’s fur, and the clock resembles their mother’s heartbeat, both of which are very soothing to an anxious pup. I can understand where you’re coming from about not wanting the pup to sleep with you just yet, and I agree with you. He wants to do that because he’s going through separation anxiety. So the teddy bear or the clock could really help ease that.

    As for the cats and Jenna, they will adjust over time. Also, they will teach the pup his place in the pack. The only time you should have to interfere is if they get really rough with him. You have to show all of them that you are the pack leader. A pack divided is a recipe for trouble down the line…

    Love you much, my friend. Hope these tips can be of help…

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