Melting Pot


So, remember the impending change I mentioned in my (next to) last post? Well… it’s time now to reveal the big news! Are you as excited as I am? Is the suspense just killing you?

Get ready….

Here it comes…

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Rascal!

Isn’t she the cutest?! This was just before she fell asleep after wearing herself out running around in her new yard. =)

I’m not sure if the name Rascal will stick,  once we get to know her a little better something else may seem more suitable for her. But for now, she’s Rascal. Yes, as in after Rascal Flatts. haha

Rascal is a Pit Bull Mini Schnauzer mix. (Momma being the pit bull and daddy the schnauzer). My close friend is the owner of said momma and daddy – they’d made an appointment to get momma dog spayed only to find out shortly before the appointment that she was pregnant.

Rascal was part of a litter of 5 pups – three boys and two girls. My friend is not able to keep any of the pups. They only live in a small duplex with the above mentioned dogs as well as a couple cats, and they have a little girl AND a baby on the way very soon. Keeping even one puppy just is not an option. We were the first to come and claim a pup so I made sure to get a few snaps of all of them while they’re still around.

Rascal’s training will begin next week. I want to give her a couple days to get settled in here and get used to her new surroundings.

Jenna loves Rascal already. Rascal will likely be about the same size as Jenna once she’s full grown. They are getting along beautifully, I’m thrilled to say!

The kitties, on the other hand, are going to need more time to adjust to having Rascal around. So far they’ve been ok with her as long as she doesn’t get too close to them; but I know as she becomes more comfortable in her new home she’ll be more comfortable hassling them too lol. While we’re waiting on the kitties to get used to her, we’ve taken lots of precautions to make sure Rascal is safe from any kitty-induced harm at all times, especially those times when we can’t be home to keep an eye on everyone! Both Dusk and Sydney have not exactly been dog friendly the past year or so for reasons we can’t comprehend. Dusk we can maybe attribute at least part of it to the fact that he’s getting old. But Sydney… she has no excuse. She’s just being a brat.

Anyway. Rascal is napping right now, which means I’ve got to deal with laundry and some cleaning up that won’t happen when she’s awake!  Oops. Too late – she is waking up! Off to do the dog mom thing! hehe =)


One thought on “*Drumroll*

  1. OMG Leah….. TOO ADORABLE!!! I’m so jealous – you know how badly I’ve been wanting a dog. LOL Still, I am truly happy for you, my friend. I hope you have lots of fun; cherish every moment, for it will soon be grown. 😀

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