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The Curious Quirks of Technology

Maybe it’s just that I have no clue what I’m doing, most of the time, when it comes to technology. Given the simplicity of the process of copying songs from your hard drive to an mp3 player though… surely it is not a case of me being dense. After all, even I understand the “drag and drop” process…

But it seems my mp3 player has a major love affair with Rascal Flatts now. (Yes this makes two Rascal Flatts posts in a row. Deal with it.) As in a love affair so major… it now refuses to allow anything else.

Yesterday I managed to get the songs from their new album, Changed, on the mp3 player. I had that silly little gadget with me all day long listening to the album on repeat and singing along and enjoying myself.

We were headed for a lengthy road trip this morning and as such, naturally I wanted my new tunage with me for the ride. I turned on my mp3 player and it apparently spazzed overnight because Changed was not there. Anywhere. My eyes were wide and my heart thumped a bit faster. Silly really, given I have the CD. Not like the songs were lost forever. But we were leaving – I didn’t have time to fiddle with it and I wanted the Changed songs with me for the long ride ahead. I did what any sane person would do at this point. <sarcasm> I snatched my laptop from it’s nearly permanent spot on the corner of the couch and slung it under my arm to try to figure out what was wrong whilst in the car. Mind you, I get motion sickness something fierce. Reading while in the car is not an option for me. Doing ANYTHING but gaze out the window makes me ill. And even that is sometimes a bit much and I have to close my eyes and pretend I’m anywhere but a moving vehicle. I can’t sit in the back seat – for some reason it’s worse in the back seat than when riding shot gun. There are times I don’t have a choice. Those times are not fun… But I digress a bit – my whole point is that I knew it was going to make me sick but I HAD to figure out this mp3 player debacle no matter what the consequences!

I spent 40 minutes (trying hard to ignore the fact I was in a moving vehicle) fiddling with the computer and mp3 player. When I opened the mp3 player’s files on the computer, it showed Changed was there. Why on earth the songs were not showing on the mp3 player itself was a mystery. I re-copied the songs, removed them and transferred them over again… dozens of times I did this and tried and tried and lamented my frustrations to my not-really-paying-attention father as he drove on to our destination… I just could not get it.

Finally in a fit of desperation I removed everything from the mp3 player except the older Rascal Flatts albums. My line of thinking was that if nothing else I could have the old favorites to listen to as this was it – my last effort before giving up as I was really feeling sick, my laptop battery was running low (yeah, it’s old… I’m lucky to get 2 hours of battery life from it) and I just did not know what on earth else to try. I deleted a few things and tried again, still the songs would not show up. Deleted a few more, same results. Only once EVERYTHING but the Rascal Flatts had been removed did the songs from Changed FINALLY appear! Victory!!!

I nervously powered down the mp3 player for a few minutes though. Afterall, I’d had the songs on it yesterday and after it had powered off they vanished. When I turned it back on and scrolled to the list of music… they were still there!

I turned off the laptop and set it in the back seat then popped my ear buds in and started playing the music. I put it on shuffle and sat back and closed my eyes for a little while to ease the motion sickness that was taking over and reveled in the songs I love from Rascal Flatts, both new and old.

It seems my mp3 player loves them so much, it won’t tolerate even having anything else in the database.

I’m sure it’s just a weird coincidental glitch of some sort that I am just not technically savvy enough to have figured out. But it’s an amusing thought that it wouldn’t work properly till everything but the Rascal Flatts had been deleted from it’s database. Let me live with my fantasy that my mp3 player just has a major thing for my favorite band, ok? I have so few joys in life… don’t take this away from me with technical mumbo jumbo explanations of the situation. :p


2 thoughts on “The Curious Quirks of Technology

  1. Aw crap… Really? WordPress has to be paid for in order to really customize it? Well that totally sucks dishwater. :p That’s something I really like about Bravenet – easy to customize, and it doesn’t require a pro service. Still, though, the fact that I have to go through the Tree to get help with the WPI blog is unfair, and I *will* be writing them about that.

    Many, many huggles to you, my friend! 🙂

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