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I Like Shooting Things…

But if you’re not a long time reader or you don’t know me very well yet you don’t know exactly what that means…  let me show you.

I found a workaround for the problem I have with my most used lens – however it only works in certain situations. But my outing yesterday was nice, and the little trick I found to work around the problem with the lens was perfect for these shots.

Not all the images above are seen in full because of the layout of the collage page. Which means some of them might look confusing or stupid or something. But I promise if you could see the full size images, the composition would make sense.  But I can’t share the full size images because of this beast of a computer giving me more and more trouble every day… and even though the watermark is not visible on each little square of the collage doesn’t mean anything – it’s still embedded in each image just again with the layout of the page you can’t see it on all of them.

Another fun tidbit for yesterday’s session: EVERY shot was done with manual focus. It’s a personal challenge to use manual focus as much as possible. I’ve come to rely on auto focus too much lately. And there’s NO excuse for it beyond pure laziness. If you just take random snapshots or get some snaps at a party or something, yes auto focus is probably going to work just fine for you. But in composing shots such as those I create…. auto focus just does not cut it. So I’ve determined to use manual focus as much as possible and get back into the habit of fully creating my shots without the camera’s auto settings over-riding the composition I want. There are situations when auto focus can work it’s magic quite well…. but manual focus is a completely different kind of magic.

I might head out again today. I’m not sure. I have a lot to do around the house. I might not get a chance to get out again. We’ll see.


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