Melting Pot

A Couple More Spring Spreads

I’ve not had as much of a chance to create new spreads lately; between the computer refusing to work most of the time and household chores and everything else going on… but I’ve managed to get a couple put together. I realized that when I post the spreads here they are a touch wider than the post column. I hate that and I have no idea how to fix it. I don’t think I CAN fix it on a free account. So instead of posting the larger spread (that I prefer) I’ll post the smaller ones so that you can actually see everything in the spread without the items on the right being cut off.

If you had not noticed, I love dresses and skirts and all things “feminine”. I really ought to wear dresses and skirts more often than I do…

But there are times I feel like nothing’s better than some comfy jeans, a nice flowy blouse and some great heels! (Note: the nail polish I based this spread around looks nothing like that picture; I have it and am wearing it right now in fact. Contrary to the picture, this nail polish is a slightly coppery gold glitter polish ladden with microglitter in all hues: pink, green, yellow, orange, silver, blue… it’s incredible and a must have for fans of glitter!)

I’m not much for jewelry, except when it comes to earrings. I love earrings, so here is a spread of some really cute earrings I’ve found that I think are absolutely adorable!

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