Melting Pot

Random Things Saturday

The indecision over what to do with my hair continues. I periodically get the urge to cut it. Not a drastic cut like the last time I cut it… but enough to make a big difference even so. Yet every time I get my shears out and get poised to make the first ‘no turning back now’ cut… I can’t do it. I KNOW it’s “just hair” and it’ll grow back. I KNOW it’s not honestly that big of a deal. But… I can’t bring myself to do it right now. My hair’s longer than it’s ever been, at the moment, and while I do have a few moments of fleeting passion for a cut (that have nothing to do with my hair and everything to do with my emotions) when it gets down to it I quite enjoy the length it is now and the thought of it being ‘classic length’ in the not too distant future offers me up some amount of a thrill that cannot be explained to someone who has never had long hair… but if you’ve been where I am, you know what I’m talking about. I think all the “princess hair” we see in movies and such as kids impacts us to a certain degree (some of us more than others, obviously). Thanks, Disney… haha Ok it’s that and when I was little my aunt had long long long long looooong hair that I always found fascinating… and I mean her hair was LONG. When she would let it down to wash and comb it (before re-braiding and pinning it up once more) it would drag on the floor behind her by a good couple feet at one point…. I just found it so incredible, for whatever reason, that hair could be that long. Granted I don’t want my hair to be THAT long. But at the moment, reaching classic length seems like a nice hair goal to set. I’ve even contemplated the idea of trying to get to fairytale length… but my hair is so thick I’m not sure that is a realistic length to shoot for.

If you have no idea what classic length hair is or fairytale length etc. here’s a little chart to show you:

At the moment my hair is just about tailbone length; not *quite* there yet but not too far from it.

While I’m talking about hair, if you want to know about some really amazing hair care products stop by the beauty blog. I shared a review of a couple new things from TRESemmé  the other day. I love love love TRESemmé; I’ve never been disappointed by any of their products. Especially the newer items they have come up with over the past year or two. They are taking over my hair care stash, slowly but surely…

The weather has been ridiculous, lately. We went from winter right to summer, back to winter again. It’s been gray and rainy and miserable… which has not helped things at all, emotionally. I want to get out with my camera, but the weather never seems to want to cooperate with me on that one. And then when the weather is actually decent, I remember that my favorite lens is messed up anyway. I know exactly what I want to get a few shots of, and I CAN’T do it without that lens. The weather is ideal for outdoor photography right now, actually… it won’t stay that way long though as it’s going to be raining again soon. I wish I could go get the shots I have composed in my head. You have no idea how much it kills me that I can’t do it. ugh. Why didn’t I have a winning ticket for the lottery last night? I could have enough money to not have to worry about my bills and housing and food etc. ever again and I could have my photography gear serviced/replaced right now… *sigh*

I gave the dog a long over-due bath last night. She hates bath time. It’s always an adventure when she needs a bath. And boy she needed one! She looks so much better now and I am sure she feels better too. She got scrubbed nice and clean then after she was toweled off I spritzed her brush with her doggy perfume and brushed her coat really well. She looks and smells so sweet now. And I know as soon as she’s let outside to play today, she will find a nice muddy spot to roll around…. lol She’s silly. She loves rolling around in the grass. This is apparently a Beagle thing? So I guess she gets that from her momma. We’ve contemplated getting another dog as we’ve got a friend who has some (super cute) pups who will need homes in a few weeks. But, with the way the oldest kitty spazzes out sometimes and how defensive he’s been getting, it is not a good idea to bring another pet into the home right now. It would be a disaster, I’m sure. Which is a shame. The little pups are absolutely adorable. I suppose two cats and two dogs would be a bit “two” much though, in this house… I have enough cleaning to do already, I do not need a puppy to train and clean up after, too.

I have one more wash cloth to crochet for the neighbor, and then I’ll be done with that. I have made three so far. I figured I would give her a set of four… seems like a decent number. I don’t like odd numbers. (Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.) So I guess I best get going and try to finish up the last one today so I can give them to her. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. And don’t forget tomorrow is every non-prankster’s worst nightmare come true, so have your guard up against practical jokes… (oi. why on earth is there a holiday dedicated to playing jokes on people? It’d be alright if the jokes were harmless but these days it seems most people don’t know the difference between an innocent little joke and something that crosses the line, and a lot of people just don’t know when to stop…)


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