In The Kitchen


I don’t know how you feel about the brand Farberware. For me, I hear the name and tend to think “over-priced for what it is, but it’s still cheaper than such-and-such brand and since I’m poor, I’ll go with it.”

But sometimes, you really are better off sucking it up and paying more for something.

Enter dead Farberware can opener number 3 in the past year or so…

The first time we needed a new can opener in I don’t even know how many years (we’d had the same one since I was a kid, till recently) we just got a cheapy $3 Farberware one. It looked more durable than the plastic one next to it for the same price. It lasted maybe 6 months. We tried again, with an $8 one again from Farberware. Again because it LOOKED more durable than the other options beside it, and we thought being more expensive than our last one maybe that meant something. That one lasted about the same length of time. So we tried yet again with Farberware – third time’s a charm right? Not when it comes to can openers, apparently. This time we sprung for the $12 model. Surely this one had to be a keeper? It had a nice weight to it, seemed sturdy and… well our past experiences with the brand SHOULD have tipped us off by now so we can only blame ourselves at this point.

Not even a full month in, and the blasted thing kept slipping from the lip of any can we tried to open. But if you finagled it to just the right angle, you could manage. And not a full month of dealing with that (not even 2 full months of owning the sucker)… the handle snapped in half and it is now utterly, completely useless.

I do not have much in my kitchen that is from this brand… but I do have a couple things that honestly, while they are not GREAT, they’ve worked well enough for me over the years and they serve their purpose. But their can openers are clearly absolute garbage and not worth the plastic ties used to hold them to their cardboard packaging. And with such poor experiences here, it makes me question whether or not I’d buy anything else from them even though the couple other things I have from them that are decent enough (silicone spatulas and silicone-tipped tongs, and a box grater.) I have never been all that impressed by them. The on-going issues with the can openers does not help how I see their brand.

I went to their web site to email them my frustrations with the can openers. Wow. To their credit their contact info was there, very easy to find. But their site looks like something out of the 90’s and the early days of the internet. You can’t even view product details for individual items – just a few small pictures of groups of products in a “this is the kind of stuff we make” kind of presentation. Color me yet more unimpressed with the brand. Usually when you contact a company, they have an auto-response set up so you can at least know your message went through and if you’re lucky a real person will respond in a timely manner. No auto-response from them. Ok, I can live with that. But we’ll see how I feel about their CS after I hear back from them… assuming I do.

I’ve found our next can opener already. I have not ordered it yet (must wait till pay day) but I can’t wait to order it. The opener itself costs just under $10, and with shipping and tax it will come to roughly $17. Given we’ve already spent $25 on three that were utter junk, I think that’s a great price to pay for one that has lots of rave reviews. I feel confident it will be money well spent.


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