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Some New Spreads

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of creating at least a couple new spreads each week. It’s fun. I would like to think that for someone who pays no mind to fashion, I do a fairly decent job of throwing things together. I ignore fashion magazines, television shows, “experts” etc. I just feel fashion is like art… there’s a vast world of OPINION but zero actual FACTS. The few times I’ve been bored enough to flip through channels and happen to stop on a fashion show for a minute or two I find the drivel those so-called “experts” pushing on people (women mostly, of course, but men get it too) so mind-numbingly ridiculous I can’t believe so many people actually pay attention to it and live by it as if it’s a sin not to. My fashion philosophy? If you like it, wear it. Fuck what other people think. Anyone who is bothered so much by what you like to wear that they put it down/put you down for it is not someone who deserves to be in your life anyway. And yes this applies not just to fashion but to hair and makeup as well.

So with all that said, here are some of my newest spreads. I’ve been trying to think Spring, outfits that if I had the money (and the body…) I’d adore to wear this time of year.  I highly doubt they are “appropriate” according to the fashion police of the world. But I think they’re nice ensembles. =) The second one is a particular favorite… the one spread I’ve done so far – of all of them – that I really, truly wish I could own every piece of it.  Maybe some day… you just never know, right? (Oh let me dream. It’s roughly an $800 outfit. That’s over half our monthly budget for *everything* (bills, food, gasoline etc.) – I know I’ll never own it. Ever. And much as I love it, with that kind of price tag I wouldn’t really want to own it anyway; I’m clumsy and get stains on my clothes like a little kid does lol. But the hope for finding cheaper versions of these items is there!)

And for fun here’s a beach-going spread I threw together as well. Even though Spring has only just begun, I couldn’t help it. I saw the bathing suit and liked it, so had to throw together a little something beachy with it. =)

One thought on “Some New Spreads

  1. You and I think alike when it comes to fashion. Did you know that? My personal catch-phrase is one which I adopted many years ago from one of Alice Cooper’s albums. The phrase is, “Flush the fashion.” It’s so appropriate, don’t you think? 😀

    As for wearing what you drool over, why not make it yourself? The only thing you’d have to save for are the shoes – and wouldn’t it be fun to buy them from a second-hand store and “dress” them up yourself? You’re so creative, Leah; I’ll just bet that if you put your mind to it, you could make an $800 outfit for less than $100. You already have tons of fabric and doo-dads, right? 🙂

    Many huggles to you, sweetness. Always thinking of you… ♥ ♥ ♥

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