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I’ve been craving cinnamon rolls lately. Like a lot. Not THAT unusual a thing for me to want, I do love cinnamon. (Have I mentioned that my favorite hot drink is a cinnamon cappuccino with Cinnabon creamer? Such delightful cinnamony goodness… That Cinnabon creamer is sadly limited edition and getting harder and harder to find, these days… I’m about to open up my last bottle of it soon. sigh.)

I found a recipe on (my favorite place to look for recipes!) that is supposed to be a Cinnabon copycat recipe. I don’t have enough flour to make said recipe right now. But you can bet after grocery shopping has been taken care of, I’ll be whipping up this recipe right away! Check it out by clicking here, if you like.

Last night out of pure desperation I made some semi-homemade cinnamon rolls. I had a can of Pillsbury Italian Bread Dough (don’t judge me for this… I was curious. Obviously never did get around to baking it.) and I started thinking… maybe it could work. I rolled the dough out till it was a reasonable size for my purposes… which was not easy, it kept insisting on shrinking back up. But I was determined. And everyone knows you don’t mess with a determined woman…. especially not a determined redheaded woman. I kept working with it till it stayed put at the size I wanted it. And then I mixed together some soft butter with a bit of sugar and cinnamon (6T butter, 1/4 c sugar and 2t cinnamon, if anyone’s curious on the amounts.) and spread it over the dough. Rolled it up, sliced it and placed on a greased cookie sheet to bake them up. While they were baking I melted some butter and added a bit of vanilla and powdered sugar to it to make a glaze. (For this I didn’t measure, I just used small amounts of everything and added more sugar till it was the consistency I wanted.) Once the rolls were done and out of the oven I spread the glaze on and let them cool a bit before testing one out.  The results? Not bad. Not great, but not bad. They were good enough to satisfy the craving for the night. Today though I find myself still craving REAL cinnamon rolls. I’ll try to settle the craving with a cup of the previously mentioned cappuccino… but I know it won’t quite work.

I have another kitchen experiment in mind right now as well. One that I cannot share the details of just yet, because… well. I haven’t seen it done before (doesn’t mean someone has not done it of course, just that if they have I’m not aware of it) and if I can perfect it, it’ll be a brilliant idea. All I’ll say is that it has to do with cake. Y’all know what happens when I attempt to create a cake recipe. Disaster of epic proportions in the works. haha  I think I’ve learned a few things through my many disasters in this area though… so perhaps it won’t be all bad. I will likely need a few weeks of experiments and trial and error, but I look forward to being able to share a cool new recipe with you once I can work it out. If I can in fact work it out of course. But as of this moment I have what I feel is a pretty solid game plan in place for this one, and if I’ve calculated everything right there is a (slim… very, very slim…) chance it MIGHT turn out on the first (or maybe second) attempt…  Aren’t you just about to explode with curiosity right now?! 😉


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