An evening with the Machine

My sewing machine needs a name, I think. It would be so much spiffier to say “I spent the day with so and so” instead of “I spent the day with my sewing machine”. Hey if men can name their cars and it isn’t crazy then I should be allowed to name my sewing machine! I’m not sure what to call it though. I’ll think on it a bit and perhaps something will come to me. Suggestions are welcome.

Yesterday I spent more time with my sewing machine than I have in quite a while. I started off by making a cute little project that I was able to whip up from start to finish in about an hour. Which given the size and details of this project that might seem too long but that time includes the time that was spent measuring, calculating and sketching out a pattern. Again for this simple little project, it probably took me “too long” and someone with more experience than I have probably could have knocked this out in fifteen minutes tops. But I’m pleased with it. I’m referring to it as my “lip balm buddy”.

Not perfect by any means, but not bad either. I like it. I have a rather intimidating stack of felt that I need to use up somehow, and I figured this would be a fun, cute way to use SOME of it. It’s just the cheapy sheet felt from the craft store, not the nicer more fleece-like felt that you have to have cut from the bolts. So it’s not exactly the kind of felt you would make a tote bag from or something… but for a little lip balm key ring thingy such as this? It works well. The eyes are a bit too big, but if you can do better cutting out itty bitty circles with scissors… well. It doesn’t help me any when you’re there and I’m here and the project is done, anyway, now does it?

Even though this was a small and simple project, working on it was almost therapeutic in a way.  (Too bad almost doesn’t count.) I spent the day contemplating other things I could make. I have some random bits of fabric. Most of it I have no clue what to make with it, and some of it I bought to make a dress but sadly I realized all too late that I did not buy enough of the one fabric needed for said dress so that project has been shoved aside numerous times. I periodically forget that I don’t have enough of the one fabric and I will get everything out and ready, and I realize it (again) and it’s such a let down every time it happens.

Just about bed time though I had an idea of what I could make that I certainly had enough fabric for, that would be small and simple (simple-ish, at least) and I knew even though it was bed time if I didn’t make this project, it would keep me from sleep. I’m odd like that. If I feel inspired, I CAN’T sleep… it bothers me. I NEED to do something about it, then and there. So I taped together several sheets of paper (heh… pattern making at it’s finest?) to sketch out a pattern and I altered and measured and screwed up and started again and eventually had a pattern made for what I wanted to make. And then I set to work on actually making it. I knew the process I was using was not the “right” way to make it (I made a similar item from a purchased pattern before) but it was working well for me and it was so much easier… I was not able to finish it last night (which about killed me – again that whole “if I’m inspired I must do it NOW” thing…) because I didn’t have a zipper the right length. So today while grocery shopping I grabbed a zipper to finish up my little project. Again, it is not perfect. But I’m rather proud of it! (Sorry for the crappy pictures. I didn’t feel like having to fuss with cables and card readers and such so I just used my cell phone to take a couple pictures.)

The fabric I used for this is so pretty and simple; it’s a slightly off white background with tiny light purple dots and flowers. I had intended to make something else with this fabric when I bought it but upon delving further into the instructions for that I realized there is nooooo way I can make it. (Don’t ask.) So. I like this use for it. There is still a bit left to make something else small, too. But back to the purse. I had some fleece that is almost the exact same shade as the purple on this fabric so I thought I would use that to line the purse for a little stability. I really like how they look together and how it all came together. I cannot stress enough that I know it’s not perfect – but given I have no clue what I am doing really, and I did this without any help or instructions… I think it’s quite wonderful. I do need to learn more about attaching the handles/straps for purses (I’ve made a couple purses over the years and that part ALWAYS confounds me!) AND I need to learn more about doing the zippers as well… the other part that usually has me cursing at least once in frustration. But I think it was a great effort and I got results I am proud of.


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