Melting Pot

Rainy Day Rambles

I have not had a chance to properly photograph it, weather has not been cooperating and with me lately and my computer apparently hates me – but isn’t the Honeypot Creighton sent me lovely? ♥ Be sure to check out if you are interested in purchasing one (or more) for yourself or as a gift for someone you know. There are electric versions if you don’t like using candles, too. While I am sharing, also check out this page of the Bee Natural site for a little information on how they are helping to support the Waterkeeper Alliance and how you can help too!

I am craving Spring time and sunshine right now, and I am not getting it. It’s cold and rainy and grey… warmth and sunshine will be here soon. Till then I’m just itching for some time outdoors!

I’m making homemade pizza for supper tonight. I love making homemade breads of all sorts, pizza crust is no exception. I just love the yeasty smell while the dough is rising and baking… yum! I have two go-to recipes for pizza crust. The one I’ve made tonight is my favorite. It’s the Classic Pizza Crust recipe you can find by clicking here. It’s a GREAT recipe, though it does require some planning ahead to account for the rise time and the addition chill time as well. But I highly recommend it! If you’ve decided last minute to make pizza and don’t have the time for that recipe, another equally tasty but speedier recipe is Beth’s Pizza Crust, which can be found by clicking here.

Plans with the Mister seem incessantly interrupted by life… I’m so looking forward to when we can get together for some quality time without things going awry. I miss him so very much, and we’d both benefit greatly from some down time together right now. His birthday is coming up too, and I have every intention of spoiling him! I hope that things can work out so we can spend some time together on his actual birthday but even if it is not on his birthday, as close to it as possible will do. For now my thoughts are focused on his gift. I don’t know yet what I’d like to get for him. I have a couple ideas swirling in my mind, but nothing certain so far.

My timer just went off which tells me it’s time to get my pizza made and in the oven, so I’m off. Have a lovely day all. ❤


One thought on “Rainy Day Rambles

  1. Those honeypots really are cool, Leah. They seem to be very versatile, too – like they could be used for virtually any occasion, from Halloween, to St. Paddy’s Day, to someone’s birthday. That really is great.

    I hope you enjoyed your pizza. I’m hopeless with pizza crusts (I also can’t make a pie crust to save my life LOL), but give me a cake or cookie recipe, and I can make it yummilicious. 😀 Too bad we don’t have smell-o-vision; I swear I can smell your pizza all the way up here… LOLOL

    I hope you and your beau are able to spend some time together. It’s so hard to keep a relationship going when you spend more time apart than you do together. I know this from experience. Maybe the two of you could work something out for the weekends, since you’re both fairly busy during the week? Just a thought. 🙂

    Have a great week, my friend. I know I don’t always comment, but you’re never far from my thoughts. 🙂

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