Melting Pot


I’m a fan of many different genres of music, but it cannot be argued that when it gets down to it, I’m a country girl all around. I don’t like the city. Sure, it’s a nice place to visit. But I’d never want to live there. I’d much rather be in the country. I don’t mind dirt, though I admit creepy crawlies bother me. I’m from the north but my heart is in the south. I live in Pittsburgh where the normal word for addressing a group of people is “yinz” but I say “y’all”. This could stem from the many summers I spent at my aunt’s house in the country in Virginia growing up. I think it’s just in my soul…

As such my very favorite genre of music is country. But not just any country. I’m sorry, but I do not like Taylor Swift or any of the other newer “pop” country music. (Oh alright… SOME of it is catchy… but catchy in a way that I don’t mind hearing it on the radio in the store or something, not catchy in the way I’d buy the music.) No. I like Keith Urban, Brian McComas, George Straight, Reba McEntire, Brooks N Dunn, Toby Keith etc. (think 90’s country music into the early 2000’s) and of course the classics like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Jimmie Rodgers, Patsy Cline etc.

And then there’s Rascal Flatts. Oh dear how I love Rascal Flatts! I will never, ever forget their first time I heard their music. It was the first time the radio played their first single, Prayin’ For Daylight. This was waaaaaay back in 2000. It was late night and I was being a typical teenager refusing to sleep in favor of staying up and listening to the radio and just having fun. They played this song, and I immediately loved it. The guys were in studio to do an interview after the song, and they were so witty and funny and down to earth… I fell in love with them even more. I’ve been a fan ever since. There’s not an album I don’t cherish, and but one song I’m not so fond of not really because I don’t like the song but I do not care for who it was a collaboration with. (I refuse to say which one it was, because it would probably incite some hate I’d rather not deal with. lol Those who know me well can figure out which one it is I am referring to though. Had it been with just about anybody else….)

They have a new album coming out soon (so soon!) and I am a bit obsessed with the first single from it, which is called (can you guess?!)    BANJO!

Banjo is about getting away, relaxing and having fun. Letting go of the chaos and worries of daily life. We all need a little BANJO now and then. My banjo? It can vary. I love walking down to the river and sitting close to the water. That is my favorite, especially when the weather is warm and there’s a cool breeze and a few boats passing by making waves… it’s a habit I picked up years ago. Whenever I need to be alone for any reason, be it anger, sadness, confusion or just that desire to have ‘me time’ – the river calls me. Yeah. That’s my (favorite) banjo.

What’s YOUR banjo?


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