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Cookie Dough Dip

Not all that long ago, thanks to Pinterest, I found this great blog loaded with delicious looking recipes. But more than that, they are HEALTHY recipes! Don’t let the vegan/healthy aspect fool you. There really are some fantastic recipes to be found here: Chocolate Covered Katie

I had been wanting to try one recipe in particular for quite a while. Her Cookie Dough Dip. I just made it and oh my goodness…. you guys, it is SO good! I used natural peanut butter for the nut butter, fat free milk and sweetened it with the 2/3 c brown sugar she said she used for her ‘party dip’.

I know you may not believe me that this stuff is so good given the main ingredient is chick peas. Here’s the thing. That fact did scare me. I don’t like chick peas. Hummus? Forget it! But I was so curious about this recipe I had to try it. And I PROMISE you, you can’t taste the chick peas at all!

As soon as I tasted it I anticipated sitting down to binge a bit (I’ve had a rough day and I’m an emotional eater. I’m working on this issue but it is not an easy battle by any means.) Well I’ve had about a tablespoon and a half of the dip at most (with a couple graham crackers) and I am full and satisfied. (And yes, feeling better emotionally as well!) I remembered then that chick peas are high in fiber. And protein. The peanut butter packs a nice punch of protein as well. This really does make for a nice healthy, filling snack. I am SO glad I decided to try it, because now I know I can have a go-to recipe for an indulgent treat that I will not over-do it with, and that’s healthier than a lot of other things I could choose instead. Next time I want to cut back on the sugar a bit; I have a thing about following a recipe precisely (barring any omissions due to allergies or something of that nature) the first time I make it though.

Sorry. I do not have any pictures of my own to share of this recipe. You will have to visit Katie’s blog for pictures and all the details if you’re curious. Which I know you are. 😉


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