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Tank top + Fabric = Easy Dress

I found this on Pinterest and wanted to share, because it’s such a great idea!

Check out the original post & tutorial by clicking HERE.

Isn’t that so cool? Even I could do that!  And while the author did not do this, I was thinking that while her dresses are casual, you could easily buy some dressier tank tops and fabrics to make dresses for more formal occasions. And of course it’s not limited to tank tops, any blouse that you like the top of and would like as a dress could work, I think!

I only have three tank tops at the moment; two white and one black. They’re my layering tanks I wear under sheer tops. So I won’t be using them for this. However I am definitely going to get some more tanks in fun colors soon and then get some fabric to make some dresses. I have lots of patterns I’ve purchased to make dresses, but it’s SO much work. Cutting the pattern then the fabric, matching points and hemming etc…. I guess becoming a seamstress is not going to happen. I just do not have fun with all those aspects of making clothing. I wish I found it fun, because it’d be awesome to make my own clothes that fit properly! Maybe it would be more fun if I had a sewing room where I had all the necessary space and supplies for everything… but regardless this way of making dresses is so fast and simple. I love wearing dresses in warm weather. So much more comfortable than anything else a woman could choose to wear, in my opinion! But I don’t own ANY dresses (just a few skirts) because apparently the plus size industry thinks the only time a plus sized woman wears dresses is to formal occasions. Ever tried to find cute, CASUAL, plus sized dresses? It’s not easy. Then if you do happen to find one it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. Or the length is all wrong. So many dresses are so SHORT! Or, on the flip side, my problem is usually that the dresses are MEANT to come to say just above the knees (a length I like) but I am so short, they fall at an awkward length below the knees that I don’t care for and they look stupid. (I’m so picky lol.) This way you can make the dress exactly the length you want.

My sewing machine will be getting a good workout soon, I believe. =D


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