Melting Pot


First of all, sorry for being MIA for a while. Things have been a bit of a rollercoaster lately. Some emotional ups and downs paired with not feeling well physically and add some dental drama (that is not over yet) just for the added fun of it and I’ve been spending a lot of days in bed trying to ignore the world recently. -_-

My oldest niece has been visiting as well. She needed help with a school project that is due today. We finished it up Sunday and put the finishing touches on yesterday. I hope her teacher agrees with my thoughts on it… my thoughts being that it’s AWESOME. She did a great job on it and I’m proud of her! I will try to remember to snap a picture before we leave this morning to take her to school. (I would already have a picture but my point & shoot is being a brat now and not working either. So I have a DSLR with a lens that won’t work if I zoom in all the way, and a point & shoot that won’t turn on anymore and the lens is stuck open… *sigh*) She is still asleep at the moment, and will be for another twenty minutes or so. And then it’s time to tackle the chore of waking her up and getting her ready to go. Fun stuff. (Please note the last part was filled with so much sarcasm you could go swimming in it… lol) I woke up extra early thanks to the pain from the recent dental work so I have been enjoying a very quiet morning to myself… a very, very rare thing. I figured I would use some of the time to blog. I need to go update the beauty blog too but need to save that for later as I will need more time for that than what I have now.

ANYWAY. So that is what has been going on in my corner of the world for the most part. But now for the subject line of this post – “Ideas?”. I am trying to come up with some knit and crochet patterns to list for sale on Craftsy. I have one pattern up so far but nobody has purchased. Honestly it is such a stupidly simple pattern I did not think anyone would buy it even as I came up with the idea… but you never know. It’s just a very very basic double crochet hat, with a knitted eyelet edging. Ridiculously easy… but I figured it’s worth putting it on there anyway just in case. I’ve been trying to come up with a nice warm weather, lace scarf pattern (knit) but it’s fighting me and I just can’t seem to get it right. Lace knitting and I are not friends yet. I have frogged (undone) many items I’ve attempted to make over the past couple years. But I thought maybe in designing my own lace pattern maybe it would come to me a bit easier. HA!  Beyond that I can’t really think of anything else to design though. With everything else going on my creative juices just aren’t flowing right now. So, anyone have any ideas/suggestions/requests?  I prefer smaller items over larger things because my yarn funds are extremely limited and I can’t afford to buy enough yarn to make anything larger than a baby blanket or MAYBE a shawl. And the time I have to sit down and design/knit/crochet in a day is quite limited as well (though my schedule is opening up) so smaller items are generally actually finished while larger things are usually forgotten mid-way through.

Well… the household is beginning to wake up (the animals have realized I am up, and they want food.) so I best get going. It will be time to wake the little one up soon. I’m going to grab my camera and be sure to get a picture or two of her project really quick before I go wake her up though. =)


One thought on “Ideas?

  1. Well, I don’t have any ideas I could offer you, but I’m glad to see you’re back. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. I hope you feel better soon; dental work can be *such* a pain… literally speaking… *hug*

    The camera issues… Well, I understand how frustrating that is. My camera is barely functioning, these days, so I’m babying it like crazy until I can get a new one – hopefully, in a couple of months.

    I’m sure that your niece’s project is going to earn her an A. With you helping her, and with her being as smart as she is, I just can’t see her getting anything less than that. 🙂

    I hope you have a great day, my friend. And I hope you start feeling better very soon…

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