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Club Penguin Puffle Cake Tutorial

I noticed that a lot of views were a result of people searching for puffle cakes. Considering the cake I have already posted about is a layer cake with a buttercream transfer of an image of some puffles I decided to do a tutorial on making puffle cakes. That is… cake that looks like a puffle as opposed to a basic cake with a picture of puffles. =)

My niece has not played CP in a long, long time. But I *think* that the annual Puffle Party is happening soon, isn’t it? Well. Either way if you want a puffle cake to celebrate a little CP love in the real world it’s really a lot easier than you might think.

The key to making puffle cakes is simply to have the proper baking dish for the job. Start by pre-heating your oven as designated in your recipe, and whipping up your favorite cake batter. (Or totally cheat and used a boxed mix. Which is what I did for this tutorial… nobody’s judging.) Then select your bake-ware. Because I was making two puffle cakes today, I used a 1 quart glass bowl and a 1.5 quart glass bowl. They are shaped a bit differently, with the larger capacity one being a bit deeper. (Which ultimately I preferred.) If you’re only making one puffle cake I’d say to use a 2.5 quart bowl, OR you could use the smaller bowl and just put the remaining batter in some muffin tins and make cupcakes. Your call. (The cupcakes could be decorated to look like mini puffles… totally cute and fun idea, isn’t it?) Whatever you end up using to bake your cake(s) in just be sure that the dishes you use are oven-safe and prep your baking dish with some cake release/Pam for baking/butter & flour. I like cake release. In my opinion it works best.

The bowl on the left is the one that yielded the better results, in my opinion. Whatever you use just keep in mind the fact that puffles are NOT perfect little circles. They are more like somewhat flat ovals…

Fill your dishes up to within about an inch or so of the top of the bowl(s). Give or take a bit, depending on how much batter you have.

Then of course bake them off till a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. The 1-quart cake was done in about 36 minutes and the 1.5 quart one took about 45 minutes. Let the cakes cool in the bowls for about 15 minutes before turning them out to cool completely. Be careful when you turn them out as there WILL be steam released in the process of flipping the cakes out of the bowls!

When the cakes are cooled completely, trim the bottoms off so they will sit flat on your cake plate/serving platter.

Because I didn’t quite like the size of the cake from the 1-quart bowl, I popped the trimmed portions of both cakes on top of it before frosting to build up the height a bit. It wound up working nicely since then there were no scraps left-over. I don’t like being wasteful.

Tint your frosting as desired and frost the cooled cakes smooth all over. Then I used a large leaf-tip (# 112) to pipe the “hair” on the tops of the cakes. My frosting was a touch thick and it didn’t quite end up with the look I wanted but it still worked and looks cute. You could use a different tip if you prefer; this is just the one I thought wold work best of what tips I own.

Then I fitted a # 5 tip onto a tube of black Wilton Decorator Icing. (Trust me that if you need small amounts of black frosting for such things, invest in these tubes of ready-made stuff. It will save you a LOT of heartache…) Use this to create  your puffle’s face.

Now go back in and add any finishing touches needed. I used some white frosting and a # 2 tip to make the little white dots on the eyes and also to fill in the eyes of the purple puffle.

See? Simple.

Excuse the fact that I didn’t bother keeping the plates clean. I didn’t feel like fussing with wax paper. If you are making a puffle cake for a party or you just want the cake plate to be clean when you’re done all you have to do is slip a few strips of wax paper just under the edge of the cake all the way around; when you’re done gently remove the wax paper strips and voila – nice clean cake plate!  Also, if you want the puffle’s body to be perfectly smooth, use the paper towel trick I posted in the frozen buttercream transfer tutorial.


1 thought on “Club Penguin Puffle Cake Tutorial”

  1. Those actually look pretty good, my friend. I just might have to try them… 😀

    I just wanted to pop in and let you know I’m thinking of you. I’m glad to know you’re holding your own, sweetness; you’re a very tough cookie, and I know that whatever life is going to bring your way, you’re going to handle it just fine. 🙂 Huggles! 😀

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