Melting Pot


I learned about these from my sister years ago. She has several of them, and she bought me one as well. Sadly I don’t have mine anymore. I have my suspicions as to what happened to it. But I can’t prove anything. I miss it though. I am hoping to get another to replace it, and perhaps even get a few more. They really are very lovely items.

So what are they? Candle holders made of beeswax. Sounds simple enough right? But they’re GORGEOUS. Truly, absolutely gorgeous. You cannot imagine the beautiful, warm glow they provide. You’ve got to just get one to really see how lovely they are. You can get them with designs carved into them OR with dried flowers embedded in them. (My preference.) Some incorporate both carving and flowers. And not only are they beautiful to look at but they smell divine (I think anyway!) and EVERY time you burn a candle in it, it makes the house smell so good.

Every Honeypot is HAND decorated. When you buy two or more of them (in a single order, both shipped to the same address) you even get a free 12 ounce jar of honey. How sweet is that? (Pun very much intended.)

Not a fan of burning candles? They make electric versions as well. =)

You can check them out by visiting the Bee Natural web site at

You can also get beeswax tea lights (to use in your honeypot – or any other candle holders you have of course!) and if you’re so inclined you can even buy beeswax straight up. You know, for those who like to make their own candles. (Like me. Candle making is great fun!)

Edited to add some pictures from the Bee Natural site. =)


3 thoughts on “Honeypots

  1. You know, I have used beeswax tapered candles, and you’re right about the scent they provide – it’s awesome. Very organic. But I did NOT know that you could buy decorative candles like the ones you’ve described in this post. I will have to look into that; I’m a big fan of scented candles, and the more organic they are, the better I like them. Also, I understand that beeswax doesn’t burn as quickly as paraffin wax.

    Glad to see you’re back up. I hope the protest has positive results. Changing the minds of politicians can be like trying to get blood from a stone…

  2. Cherry, Thanks for the sweet post! You are welcome to visit my Blog (via our Home Page is easiest) and use our pictures to add to your post. If you want to call me we can discuss a giveaway to one of your readers, too. I am a big fan of gorrilla marketing. I can probably manage to get a replacement Honeypot to you also!

    Creighton Cutts, President, Bee Natural

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