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Technowear – Really?

I rarely watch tv. I just don’t find much of what is on to be all that interesting. I was watching tonight though and saw a commercial for new “musical” clothes from Old Navy. Seriously? Do we not have enough technology around us already that now our clothes must have built-in headphones and play music, too?

Don’t believe me? Here is the women’s guitar tee (yeah, they are making these for the whole family…)

My first thought (besides “stupid”) was how on earth you would wash this. In reading the product description, you have to remove the electronic components to wash the shirt. UGH. Please. I don’t have the time to deal something like that in my laundry basket. I sort my clothes into “whites” and “colors” and that’s the extent of it. If something needs special care I’m not buying it.

But honestly this just strikes me as odd and completely unnecessary. Some technological advances are cool. The internet. Cell phones. But musical clothes? No. Put this one on the list of ridiculous ideas that should never have made it to the shelves. Er, the clothing racks.

What do you think about these new musical clothes? Cool new technology, or nonsensical items best ignored?


One thought on “Technowear – Really?

  1. OMG you’ve seen those commercials, too? I saw one just the other day, and at first I thought it was some kind of bad joke. When I realized this “techno-wear” stuff was actually real, I about fell off my couch. I just don’t even know what to say about it – it’s just such a shock to see the direction clothiers are going in. I mean, how on earth would you even wash something like that? It’s just unbelievable. Totally unbelievable….

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