Melting Pot

Rose Marie “Santa Send A Fella”

I love Rose Marie. Sally was my favorite character on The Dick Van Dyke Show; her talents always seemed endless to me and I thought she was just beautiful and real… as I’ve grown older I’ve only come to appreciate Rose Marie’s talents (and her Dick Van Dyke Show character Sally) even more and I’ve found in many ways I can relate to Sally on a very personal level. I think a big part of that is because of how well Rose Marie played the role of Sally Rogers. Everyone on that show did a fantastic job really, but there was something special to me about Sally Rogers even when I was just a child watching the reruns of the show.

The episode the above clip is from has always been a favorite of mine as well. And that song…. when I was a kid I didn’t fully get it. But now…. oh boy do I. And it’s the song I’ll be singing (whether out loud or silently in my heart) this year, I can tell you that.


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