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Eco-Friendly Soap “Greeting Cards”

This is the coolest thing! Soap “greeting cards”, custom made for any occasion or holiday! I absolutely LOVE this!


(I have used the photos with permission from Pocket Full Of Sunshine & added their name & Facebook URL to the image)

The front of the bar of soap has the image, and the back has the text.

I think this is just the most clever idea! Useful and unique and good for the environment. Love all around! ❤


You can find more details on how to get these soaps custom made for you on the Pocket Full Of Sunshine Facebook page right here:

You can also learn more about Pocket Full Of Sunshine on their new blog: Pocket Full Of Sunshine.

You can shop Pocket Full Of Sunshine on their above-linked Facebook page or by visiting their Artfire Shop.





One thought on “Eco-Friendly Soap “Greeting Cards”

  1. Hehehehe… ::wicked evil grin:: Glad you enjoyed it, Leah. It’s a true story from my life; there were a lot of strange things that took place in that house, lemme tell ya…

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