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Walnut-Apple Up-side Down Cake

Needing something to make to use up some of the apples I picked last week I decided that an up-side down apple cake would be pretty perfect. I looked for a recipe online, but I couldn’t find any that really seemed to suit my preferences. So I decided to just try to whip one up on my own. Mind you, I can cook without recipes and that’s mostly how all my cooking is done. Recipes in cooking tend to do nothing but slow me down. But baking is a completely different story. When cooking you can often think of the recipe as a basic guide, easily leaving out ingredients you know you don’t like or have an allergy to, substituting other things or adding a pinch of this or a dash of that as you please. But baking? That sort of thing doesn’t fly, unless you REALLY know what you are doing. Baking is much more an exact science than cooking is, and one too many tweaks or the slightest miscalculation in your ratio of ingredients can lead to an awful disaster.

The last time I tried to create my own cake recipe that’s what I had – a disaster. And it was years ago. I’ve since learned a lot though, but my list of my very own baking recipes remains limited to just one recipe I’ve managed to concoct on my own.  So you can imagine the mix of exhilaration and a smidgen of fear inside me as I decidedly set out the mixing bowls and ingredients to try to create my own cake recipe once again.

This time, my results were far better. Still not perfect, but at least this time the results were actually edible. I’m making some very, very slow progress. =)

Once I perfect this recipe I will be sure to share it. But for now you’ll just have to settle for a couple pictures of the slightly less than perfect results of the first shot at it.


One thought on “Walnut-Apple Up-side Down Cake

  1. When can I expect this pie at my door? 😀 Looks delish, Leah. 🙂

    Glad you liked the “red cape” story. Good stories like that one can be hard to find, for sure.

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