Melting Pot

An Apple A Day

Today marked the first day of the Fall Festival for many venues. Bouncy castles, pony rides, pumpkin patches, cornfield mazes, funnel cakes, freshly popped kettle corn, hay rides… too many activities to list! I did not participate in any of the festivities, though. I tend to enjoy observing more than participating. And, long lines filled with hundreds of screaming little children does not exactly thrill me. lol I did however visit an apple orchard to pick some apples. I love having fresh fruit around, apples being among my favorites. And buying from local farms is just that much better. The produce is infinitely fresher and just plain better. Not to mention, how fun is it to go pick your own apples? (And other produce items, as the farms may allow. The farm I was at today also allows pick your own pumpkins as well as strawberries in Spring.) I adore it. I have a habit of peeling all the apples I buy from the grocery store when I have to go that route, because I just can’t stand that wax they put on them to make them shiny. (I know it’s perfectly edible, I just don’t like it.) But when I have fresh apples from the farm? A little wash and a buff with a clean towel = PERFECTLY shiny apples just like from the grocery store but the shine is courtesy of Mother Nature rather than some icky wax. (Seriously, if you don’t believe me go get an apple from an orchard sometime or find someone who has an apple tree and ask them if you can pick one, then rinse it off and buff it with a clean towel. You’ll be amazed.) They wax the produce in the stores to make it “more visually appealing”… but I think Mother Nature’s work is far more visually appealing on it’s own, to be totally honest. She needs no assistance from us to make her creations beautiful. I could spend forever in these orchards and be completely happy… I mean, look at it. Gorgeous.

Total bliss. ❤ I pcked half a bushel, though I seriously considered a full bushel. But then I reminded myself I only have two people to feed, right now. So, half a bushel is plenty. If we run out I can always go pick more. =) I plan to make some apple sauce. Not sure what else. Maybe some apple muffins. And of course, there shall be snacking on the apples just as they are.

And our second stop today led to the discovery of this adorable mug and spoon set that, yes, ended up coming home with me.

I’d seen this style set on a couple online shops, recently, but none were designs/characters that appealed to me much. This one, however, I could not resist. I love penguins. The little penguin on top? That is the spoon. I love that it has “hands” to hold on to the edge of the mug – this way the spoon doesn’t slip down into your drink. Cute and functional. Though I do wish the spoon were a tad longer, if I fill the mug up a good bit (like I like to) the “hands” of the spoon get wet whilst stirring. I’ll just have to learn to make a smaller cup of cocoa/tea/whatever I guess.

I’m going to be working on some crocheted hats over the next couple weeks. Some of them I will be listing for sale on my storenvy shop and others I will list for auction on my listia account. So if anyone’s interested be sure to check out my listia and storenvy pages in the next couple weeks.


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