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Yesterday I finished the hand towel I started the other day. I’m quite pleased with myself for actually finishing it and so quickly. I sometimes think I am the queen of UFO’s (unfinished objects) because I so rarely actually finish anything.

As promised in the previous post about this towel, here are a couple close-up pictures of the stitch pattern (Chinese Waves stitch).

This is the right side of the fabric/stitch pattern:

This is the wrong side, which I find to also be rather pretty. =)


5 thoughts on “Completed

  1. Beautifully done, Leah. 🙂 Very clean stitching – and I agree with you about the “wrong” side looking pretty. It really does. 🙂

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for visiting me. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you before now.

    Hope you have a great day. 🙂

  2. I love this pattern but have a problem with the decrease instructions that I got from another site. The first row for decrease tells me to K1, K2tog, repeat to the end K1 It now tells me I have 31 sts remaining which is impossible since I started with 45sts. I messaged Just Jennifer the woman that posted the pattern but she has not returned with an answer. Can you help me out I would love to finish this towel and make some more for gifts. Thanks much appreciated. Sheri

    1. Hi Sheri,

      Without looking at the exact pattern you are using it’s hard to say for certain what would be correct.

      I Just did a very quick test of the stitch count – I cast on 45 then did a k1, k2tog decrease row. The row ended on a k2tog and I had 30 sts not the 31 sts you said is indicated. I would start with 46 sts instead, and that will give you the correct stitch count after the first decrease row and will also have you ending that row on a k1.

      1. This is the same Chinese Waves Hand towel you have on your site. I have already knit the towel up to the point of the decrease row and I am not about to rip it down for the sake of starting with and extra stitch. Where did you get the instructions for the Chinese Waves hand towel that you have posted as it is exactly the same as the one I am trying to finish.

        1. I only used the stitch pattern to create my hand towel, I did not use a pattern for the towel specifically nor did I write it down when I made mine, I just made it up along the way. I do not have the towel to look at to figure out how many stitches I used, as the towel was a gift for my mom. I made this well over a year ago, I do not recall how many stitches were used or if I encountered the same problem that you have run into with it upon reaching the decreases. The stitch pattern is found in the book 400 Knitting Stitches from Potter Craft though in the book it is called Stamen Stitch. I initially found the instructions on the same blog that you did. Again, it is the same stitch pattern yes but not the same project pattern. I did not necessarily work mine in the same manner that Jennifer did, but like I said this was knit (and given away) so long ago I don’t recall what I did.

          It should not affect the finished item in any way for you to just continue working without the extra stitch and just following the pattern as closely as possible; the only difference is that your final edge stitch will be a k2tog rather than a k1. The finished item will still be fine, in my opinion.

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