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Teddy Bear Cake

I had some frosting issues. I thought I had powdered sugar to make some homemade buttercream, but turns out I didn’t. I DID however have a box of Jiffy frosting mix. So I made that, but it was a little thin and it “melted” a bit as I was piping the front of the teddy bear. I tinted a bit of that pink for the nose, ears and feet. I had just enough frosting for this, and ran out. The back of the cake was still nekkid. I used Wilton black decorator icing and a number 4 tip for the eyes and mouth. I had a tub of store-bought strawberry frosting my oldest niece had wanted to get the last time we went shopping together because she wanted to bake a strawberry cake. We never did get around to that. So I used that frosting to finish piping the back of the bear. Next time I will be sure to have ingredients for homemade buttercream, and it will be MUCH better. It will also look better once I get tip 233 to pipe the “fur”. I just used the biggest open star tip I have for this one which is just a number 18 tip. Yeah a little time consuming but considering the frosting issues I think it turned out ok. My main goal with this cake was just to master the right batter, bake time, and cool time before removing the pans. So with that all figured out, I feel better about the Halloween cake I’ll be making for my oldest niece’s Halloween party this year. =)


One thought on “Teddy Bear Cake

  1. I hear you on the no money issue. :/ It seems like everyone is in that particular boat, these days… I can still dream, though; after all, it’s like Shawno said, “If we don’t have dreams, what have we got?”

    I LOVE your teddy-bear cake, Leah! It’s gorgeous! 🙂

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