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Cake Decorating Season

It’s getting closer, now. My own personal “cake decorating season”. I avoid baking in Summer because it is just simply too hot to do it. We do not have air conditioning so turning on the oven or even just the stove only serves to increase the unbearable heat in the house. But once the weather cools down, it’s ok.

The weather has been getting a little cooler lately, and the urge to bake is starting to set in. I have a cool new cake pan set on the way from Wilton, due to be delivered on Friday. I purchased it specifically for my oldest niece’s Halloween party, but I intend to bake at least one test cake between now and then. Most likely this weekend, because you know I can’t get new toys and not play with them immediately. :p

I’ve added quite a few things to my “cake decorating” folder on the computer. So many ideas… I just wish I had more excuses to actually make some of the designs I have in mind.

Honestly the baking part of the process I could live without. (Mostly because I loathe the clean-up.) It’s the actual decorating that I love. If I could go to the store and buy pre-baked, un-frosted cakes to decorate, I would. (If the price was right of course.) I just love taking the blank canvas of a cake and creating something beautiful on it. I’ve been told more than once my cakes are “too pretty to cut into”. The first cake I ever *seriously* decorated, I couldn’t cut into it. I stood with a knife in my hand looking at the cake for ten minutes before I just gave up and walked away. I sent the cake to work with my dad so that it would not go to waste and I would not have to witness it’s destruction. I have since come to not care though. Afterall, the whole point of a cake IS to eat it, right? So once I finish decorating a cake I snap a few pictures of it and then there is no hesitation to cut into it once it’s time to serve it. The cake is not meant to last forever – but pictures of the cake will.

I’ve learned so many techniques for cake decorating over the past couple of years. I have certainly come a long way from when I first started baking and decorating a cake consisted of frosting it (rather poorly) and MAYBE adding some sprinkles to the top. I’ve learned SO much, and still have tons more to learn. But I’m quite proud of the improvements I’ve made with my cake decorating skills. Considering being a completely self-taught home cook/baker, I must admit I think I do quite a good job.


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