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>Precious Moments Cake


I one again put the frozen buttercream transfer technique to use. I wasn’t sure what design I wanted to do, and after listing several options I had in mind, my beautiful mom said she thought I should do a Precious Moments design. So that is exactly what I did. =) 
I made some mistakes along the way but overall I’m really happy with how it turned out. This technique – as I mentioned before – does require some practice. This is the second cake I have made with this technique – so given I am still new to the technique I think it’s pretty good. =)
I ended up leaving the cake in the pan to decorate because it refused to release from the pan. I tried a new recipe that I found on and I WILL use the recipe again but next time I will heavily grease and flour the cake pans (this time I only lightly greased and floured them) and perhaps I’ll also line the pans with parchment paper. The recipe made two layers and the first one fell apart when I tried to get it to release from the pan. So much for keeping one layer to freeze for later use. heh. But other than that issue I loved the recipe – very fast and easy to put together (and just ONE bowl is used! How awesome is that?!). The flavor is light and not too sweet and the texture is just perfect – moist but slightly crumbly, airy yet dense = perfection in my opinion. Click here to check out the recipe. =)

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