Cake Decorating

>Club Penguin Puffle Party Cake


My oldest niece adores Club Penguin. She’s been a member of the site for a few years now. If you are not familiar with it, it’s a cute site where players create their characters – yes, penguins – and then you can waddle around the island and play lots of games. It’s a very cute, kid-friendly site. Your penguin can even have pets… those pets are puffles. Puffles are absolutely adorable, humorous little creatures in a variety of colors and each has it’s own distinct personality. 
Club Penguin throws parties on the site throughout the year for various holidays and special occasions for the game. There is currently a Puffle Party going on to celebrate the arrival of the newest color puffle – brown. Since Wilton posted about an awesome decorating technique the other day, I took advantage of the occasion (and my niece’s very timely weekend visit) to try out the technique. Check it out. =D 
To see the technique I used for this cake, just click here to see Wilton’s video blog entry about it. =)

I also used an open star tip to make stars all over the cake at my niece’s request, and Wilton Sparkle Gel for the writing.

Yep. I will be getting a TON of use out of this technique. ♥ Have you tried this one? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it, would you like to? I promise it’s really easy! Just remember to keep your design SIMPLE. I’m sure once you get more experience with this you could do some very complex images, but for starting out choose something very simple!


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