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>Valentine’s Day Mini Cakes


I think these are too big to be called petit fours, so mini cakes it is. :p 
I started off by making pound cake which I baked in a rectangular cake pan and once it was cool I sliced it in half as it was a bit too thick as a single layer. 
Next I used these totally adorable cookie cutters from Wilton to create the mini cakes. Although, the set I purchased only had 2 cookie cutters; the regular heart and the curved heart. Hearts Cutter Set
I coated the cakes with Quick Pour Fondant Icing and let it set up overnight before decorating. It’s worth noting that despite what the fondant icing recipe states, I did not coat the cakes with buttercream icing first, and it turned out just fine. Once they were set and could be removed from the cooling grid I flattened out some cupcake liners to set the cakes on.
I used Wilton’s Buttercream Mix for the decorations; I normally make my own buttercream but had been wanting to try their mix for a while. Honestly, I didn’t care for it. I had to add more milk than the amount stated on the box, and even after that the consistency seemed off and the texture was not as smooth and creamy as I would have liked. It wasn’t very fluffy, either. I like the texture and flavor of my homemade buttercream better. The biggest thing though is that the ingredients list of the mix is a bit off-putting for me personally. Regardless I’m glad I finally tried it out, so now I know for sure what to think of it.
I portioned off the buttercream and tinted some of it a light pink and thinned it out with pink Sparkle Gel because I wanted to try out the Brush Embroidery Technique. The instructions did not give any guidelines as to amounts needed or what the consistency should be so I really had to guess. I don’t think it was the right consistency though based on how my cakes looked versus the cakes shown on the Wilton web site that use this technique. I don’t know if mine was too thick or too thin… but despite that I think they turned out very pretty anyway and considering it was my first time using the technique, I’m happy with how they turned out. It’s definitely a technique I’d like to practice with more. I finished them off with white chocolate flowers in the centers.
For the remaining cakes, I decorated them with sweet peas. Even though this is supposed to be the easiest flower to make I had a little trouble with them (yep, my first time making them!) but again it felt like the buttercream just was not the right consistency. I find it funny I had so much trouble with them but I could make roses all day long and though supposedly more difficult I learned roses first and caught on very quickly with them. As with the brush embroidery though, I think the sweet peas are still pretty even if they are not perfect. I also printed the names of the recipients on them as these were the ones that I gave to friends and family.

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day – it’s just not a holiday that I’m into. But I do like baking treats for my loved ones on occasion, and as my oldest niece was excited for Valentine’s Day this year I decided to do some baking. Everyone loved them. =) 
What Valentine’s Day treats did you make, if any?

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