Melting Pot

>Forehead, Meet Desk…


Desk: “Why hello there, Forehead. So nice to meet you! Wait… you look familiar. Have we met before?”
Oh. My. Goodness. People, if you don’t carefully organize the files on your computer I sincerely urge you to start. And then keep it up, do not ever let one file go unorganized. Because if one file is not put into it’s proper place the next thing you know it will have some friends to join it. Oh sure at first it will seem to be nothing more than a small, innocent gathering that will surely end soon. But before you know it, it’ll turn into a monster block party with thousands of guests, some of whom you may not even know. Or maybe you knew them once briefly but you forgot all about them. Then the next thing you know everything is spiraling out of control and your head is spinning and you can’t find IMG173, or grandmassecretrecipe.txt no matter how hard you try and you’re sure they were in this folder, but oh wait maybe they’re here instead… no? Oh, try here then… and here… how about there?
In all seriousness. Please do organize your files. And organize them well. Have categories and subcategories, and subcategories for the subcategories if you must! I have spent the past several days (*cough* couple weeks *cough*) trying to get all the files organized on my computer, because I’d never bothered with it before. And let me tell you, it has been one majorly long, boring pain in the ass. If you are anything like me, chances are you’ve got lots of music. Lots of text files with various things – recipes, craft instructions, knit and crochet patterns etc. And an incredible number of photos. Oh sure, the computer automatically saving the photos in folders by date seems sufficient. Until there are specific photos you need and you can’t remember exactly when they were taken. And you’ve got years worth of folders to go through trying to find those pictures. NIGHTMARE. 
I’m not done yet. No. Only about half way through. From 2007-mid way through last year I am almost done. I have 3 folders (main folders filled with hundreds of sub folders mind you) left for that time frame. Then the remainder of last year, and this year so far. Once I get those files all sorted out into new categorized main folders (flowers, landscapes, pets etc.) it’s time to break things down further into subcategories (knit patterns, sewing projects, individual family members, you get the idea…) and also to delete duplicates and any photos that are not worth keeping. You know, the ones that you forgot to turn flash on for so it ended up blurry but for whatever reason you didn’t delete it so it’s still there? Or the ones where in some semi-conscious state of shutter-happiness that you honestly don’t recall experiencing you took fifteen shots of your cute kids or puppy that are all almost the exact same shot with only the slightest minor differences and there truly is no point in saving each and every one of them? Oh just admit it, there’s no shame in it! We ALL do it… we will deny it if ever questioned of course but we all have our weak moments with camera in hand and a cute “I have to get a picture of this!” moment when for some reason the shutter is released in rapid succession despite the fact that just once or maybe twice would be plenty. I refer to this condition as “shutteritis”. Deny it all you want, you know deep down it happens to you too. Maybe not often, maybe not in a major way… but it still happens.
Hopefully I can finish this task soon. I can tell you this, though. Once everything is organized, it will all stay that way. Because this is all far too time consuming to have to do it all over again. If you start out with “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”, everything is just so much easier.

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