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>Class Cupcakes In A Pinch


My oldest niece was to take treats of some sort to school for her class to enjoy on her birthday, be it cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes or whatever. This kind of thing normally falls upon a mother’s shoulders but more often than not when my niece needs something for school (food related or not) it always seems to end up in my lap instead. (And for the record, no I am not complaining – I enjoy spending time with her and helping her out with these things!) So naturally when her mother failed to get her some treats for her to take to her class on her birthday and she just happened to be spending the night with me (thus getting a ride to school on the day in question) it was auntie to the rescue once again! This also happened to be one of those bits of news that is shared at bed time the night before the food is needed. (Don’t you just love how kids do that to you?!)
I wasn’t sure if I had the necessary ingredients to whip up some cupcakes, so I did a quick scan of the cabinets and a flip through my notebook in which my most used recipes are written down and found that I did in fact have the ingredients for my trusty yellow cake recipe. Alas I didn’t have ingredients for frosting (I had used up the last of my vegetable shortening and powdered sugar making the previously mentioned fondant for the little one’s birthday cake) so to make things easier my dad went to the store and picked up a can of Pillsbury Easy Frost frosting.
Niece needed enough treats for her whole class and the teacher (of course!) which meant she needed roughly 2 dozen cupcakes. Thinking ahead and realizing that this same day she was also going to have to carry her violin and a rather large science project into school with her, I opted to make mini cupcakes instead so that the containers she had to carry in would be smaller. After baking enough mini cupcakes for her I put the rest of the batter into a cake pan and baked it off so as to not be up all night baking more batches of mini cupcakes. (I only have two mini cupcake pans, each one has 12 cups in it. They’re old, not like those newer ones that each do 24 mini cupcakes.)
Random handy tip: Use a cookie dough scoop to fill mini cupcake pans – it’s the perfect amount of batter and each cup will be filled with the same amount for uniform cupcakes!

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