>Dog Treats


These may just look like some innocent little cookies, but they are in fact homemade dog treats! There are loads of recipes out there for homemade dog treats these days, really my only advice is before you make any of them be absolutely sure all the ingredients are safe for dogs and more importantly safe for YOUR dog. (Some dogs do have sensitivities/allergies to otherwise dog-safe foods/ingredients.) When in doubt – turn to your vet for advice. Yes there is a lot of information online, but sometimes things that get posted, while posted with only good intentions, are not accurate. And there are unfortunately some people out there who post misinformation intentionally. So if you make any homemade treats for your pets please always check with your vet first, especially if you aren’t sure if an ingredient is safe or not.
I got the recipe for these treats from Taste Of Home magazine – the 2007 “Celebrate An Old-Fashioned Christmas” issue. Due to copyright concerns I am not sharing the recipe, however you can find it on the Taste Of Home web site here: Beefy Dog Treats Recipe | Taste of Home Recipes I should note, I substituted a vegetable turkey dinner baby food as I couldn’t find the beef one.
With Winter coming up – and no dog bone shaped cookie cutters to be found anywhere – I decided I’d make snowflake shaped dog treats. So when I rolled out the dough I used the smallest cutter from the Snowflakes Nesting Metal Cutter Set from Wilton. This cutter unfortunately was broken upon opening the box, but I’d already thrown out the receipt and couldn’t take it back to the store. I emailed them about it and they quickly got back to me and said they would send out a replacement. They even CALLED me to update me on the matter. Definitely impressed by their customer service! The rep that I spoke to via email called, I was busy at the time and did not yet get a chance to call back as she requested but I will call in the morning. So just for the record, Wilton has fantastic customer service. =) 
Anyway back to the dog treats! The icing was not part of the recipe. I added that on my own, just to make them pretty. It’s a simple yogurt icing – a small amount of yogurt plus a ridiculous amount of powdered sugar mixed to a piping consistency and then left to sit till it sets and the treats can be put into an air tight storage container. Now… next time I will omit the icing simply because it did require so much sugar and that of course is not good for the dogs. However as these are given only on rare occasions, it’s ok. Definitely omit the icing if you want treats you can give your pooch more often! Also, should anyone happen to have a healthier dog-safe icing recipe please do share. I know of several that make use of carob – however that is not an ingredient that I have access to.
Since I made these treats, two dogs besides mine have been given a couple of them. All three dogs absolutely LOVE them! 
My sweetheart sitting pretty for a treat
My neighbor’s dog, licking his lips in anticipation

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