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>Knitted Kerchief


Well my sewing machine is sitting unused until I can get more needles for it. I finally got it to stop jamming (although, no thanks to that book I mentioned in the previous post) and I was sewing away at jeans-purse #2 when the needle – my LAST one – broke. I tell ya, it’s just always something keeping me from learning to sew! 
So whilst I am sewing machine-less I suppose I could (should?) practice hand sewing. Instead I’ve been knitting.
I finished this cute kerchief recently.
I found the pattern here: clicky
I didn’t follow the pattern precisely. The actual pattern is for a “neckerchief”. Well. I wanted one that’s headband worthy, to use to help keep my hair out of the way while cooking or, well whatever. So, while the pattern calls for “bedspread” cotton and size 1 needles, I used size some DMC Senso cotton yarn ( and size 4 needles. Other than that I worked the pattern as written. I ended up running out of yarn on the ties, one’s shorter than the other and both are much shorter than the pattern states they should be. However, as the finished item is quite stretchy it’s ok. This fits perfectly as a headband – save the fact that it’s not quite as long as I’d like. Still, it’s cute and I wear it a lot. I might make one or two more in other colors. =) 

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