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2019 #37

Just realized I missed posting last week. Course, it depends on if you consider Sunday or Monday the start of the week. If you consider Monday the start of the week I have not missed it yet. So we are going with Monday is the start of the week and I’ve not missed a week yet. 🤪

J, his girlfriend, and I went to the fair yesterday. It was his company’s family day event so for the employees of his company the food was free which was the whole reason we wanted to go. The place they always have cater makes delicious barbecue. And I’m a fan of the hush puppies they make as well.

We ended up being there and done with our meal at just the right time for the start of the tractor pull and though C had to leave for work J and I stayed for most of the tractor pull. We didn’t stay for the final class, but stayed till they had determined the winners for the couple trucks that were there to pull. I had not been to a tractor pull in more years than I can remember so it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Afterward I spent the night at J’s so we could have some hang out time. Didn’t quite go as planned, but was still an enjoyable and much needed relaxing evening.

I’ve got to tackle some cleaning up today and promised a coworker some cookies so I’ll be baking as well. I’m making white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. If I were smart I’d have made the dough yesterday as the cookies turn out better if the dough chills overnight but I was so focused on other things it just slipped my mind. I’ve got the butter softening now, and with how hot it is that should not take long. I’ll chill the dough for a couple hours at least. I do not plan to bake all of the cookies today anyway, just going to bake a few to take to work with me in the morning. The rest I’ll scoop out and freeze to bake another time.

Time to start tackling the much overdue cleaning, I suppose.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #36

Nothing new, really. Just work work work, and the two days a week I have off I’m either trying to catch up on houswork/sleep or running errands. There was a miscommunication/misunderstanding at work that has led to things being difficult. Long story, don’t want to get into specifics. Just, I did the right thing and I know that, even if others involved are still mentally in high school and not seeing the situation for what it actually was. They’re intentionally doing things now to be catty and make my life more difficult than it really needs to be… but whatever. They can’t cut my hours, at least, even if they wanted to. I’m the only cake decorator so they need me there as much as possible.

I’ve got some stuff brewing in my mind… not sure what if anything will ever come of any of it. Just ideas and hints of ideas forming.

Gotta run – have some laundry to take care of and it is already almost bed time for me. Hope you’re all doing well.

Until next time. xoxoxo

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2019 #34

So. Tired. But then when am I not?

I’m adjusting to my new work situation slowly but surely. Still not necessarily happy with it… but adjusting. I get along with a couple people pretty well. It definitely is not the same as where I was. Where I was before… our department really had something special. We were absolutely a family and I miss them every single day. I’m confident that I’ll never find that sort of a group of people to work with again – it just is not common to have the sort of bond we had. But, I do really like a couple folks where I am now and if nothing else that helps make the work days tolerable. One person in particular is already someone I find putting a smile on my face a lot. But that is all I will say about that, for now.

My lovely friend E.C. has been working on two temperature blankets this year. I’ve been wanting to make one for several years but could never quite convince myself to do it. I am planning to make one of my own next year. I’ve sorted out my pattern, as I will be making mine a bit differently than temperature blankets are usually made. I just need to work out my color scheme now, and then start buying the yarn so that when the new year comes, I’ll be ready to start crocheting.

I had noticed fairly soon after getting Asher that his tank periodically has lots of bubbles in it. I finally got curious enough to do some research, thinking perhaps something was wrong that I needed to address. Turns out, however, I worried over nothing. Male bettas will blow bubbles on the surface of the water and after mating once the female lays the eggs the male gathers them up and secures them into the bubbles, which are his “bubble nest”. He then watches over and protects them till they hatch. In the case of a pet betta (vs one in the wild) this bubble nest is a sign that the fish is happy, healthy, and finds his living environment suitable for breeding. Not all male bettas will blow bubble nests, so lack of them does not indicate an unhappy fish or anything. But I’m glad to know why he is always blowing bubbles and that he is a happy little fishy. 😊

That’s it for me for now. I hope y’all are having a good week so far.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #33

This is my first week in my new work location. I’m not happy. But, it is new and I need time to adjust. I discovered the catch, behind why they wanted me there so quickly. But, oh well. I’m committed to it now, no going back. Just have to deal.

I do like that at least as far as what hours I work, that is now predicatable for me. I will never know beforehand which two days are my days off for the week, but always knowing what time I need to be there and what time I get to go home is nice. I like that my new manager gave me the choice to pick a regular shift like that. Still a chance I’ll have some random days when I work the second available shift instead if it is needed for some reason, but on the whole, I’ll just have the same, predictable hours.

I’ve got stuff to do today. Full time means only two days a week for personal/home stuff. Today is one of them, so while I’d love to just sit and do nothing, before I do that there are some things I want to get tackled so I’m off. I hope y’all are doing well.

Until next time. xoxo

Art, Melting Pot

2019 #32 – August Art

A quick abstract-ish piece this month. Did not go as planned. But when does my art ever actually go as planned?

No, there is not actually a gradient left to right. The lighting in the hall just made it look that way in the picture. The colors on the right are accurate and what the colors are like across the canvas. This was a simple one to do. Just two colors of paint and some glitter. Because glitter is a must in my life, as we all know.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #31

Well. Life is at it again, throwing great big huge scary changes at me…

The impending changes will ultimately be good. I know this. Knowing this, however, does not make accepting and adapting to them any easier. This is not the answer I have been hoping for, but the answer I was given.

It will all be ok. I keep telling myself that in an effort to make it true. Other people seem to have so much more faith in me than I do in myself, and I don’t know how to process it at all. I don’t like when people have high expectations of me… I feel sure I’m going to let them down.

I’ve been offered, and have accepted, a full time position. I’ll still be with the same company but at a different location that is significantly further away from home. I don’t want to leave where I am right now. I adore the people I work with right now. They’ve become my family. But I need the benefits that come with being full time. Full time was not likely to ever be offered at my current location.

I don’t have an official transfer date yet. Likely in about 2 weeks.

I wish I could say I’m happy. I probably should be – it is a big deal with good things attached and a good opportunity. I’m not happy, though. Not at the moment at least. It is going to take a while for me to adjust to things.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #30

I’m trying to play catch-up with comments and the blogs I read. I think I’ve caught up with everyone at this point. If I’ve missed you, my apologies for that. Let me know and I’ll try to get caught up with you soon.

I got Asher some new food this morning, which I’m not sure he likes. I’ll give it a few more tries and see but he was not impressed with the first bit I gave him. I wonder of he knows just how spoiled he is, as compared to most other pet fish. I also grabbed him a pack of the food I know he likes, anticipating that he may not like the new kind since I already know he is picky.

The girls are a bit fussy, we have had some thunderstorms this week and they don’t like when it storms. They have been coping pretty well though, considering. Where we used to live it didn’t storm too terribly often, but here the storms are a much more regular occurance. They’ve adjusted to that pretty well and they do not fuss as much about the storms as they did when we first moved here. They still don’t like them of course, and I still maintain their safe spaces for them to go to when it storms, just in case they need them when I’m not home to be with them during a storm.

I mysteriously landed in Hobby Lobby after the trip to the pet store for Asher’s food. I needed a new watercolor pad anyway and they were on sale so it worked out well. I also found a set of watercolor paints in one of the clearance sections that I had to get. It was only $10, marked down from $40. Can’t pass up a deal like that, right? I’ve never used this type of watercolor paint before but have wanted to try it. I tested it out with a quick illustration this afternoon. Definitely a very different experience than the watercolor brush pens I’ve been using lately. I need to practice using them a bit and get the hang of them. I’ll share more once I’ve done that.

I had the chance to catch up with my dad a bit today, which was nice. It had been too long since we talked. I don’t know when my aunt is planning to visit me but I’m hoping my dad will join her when she does. I’ve not seen him in two years now, and considering before I moved here I saw him every single day, that has been a difficult adjustment for me. Especially knowing that neither of my siblings is particularly close to him (relationship-wise, physically they live close to him) – I worry about him sometimes.

That’s probably enough rambling for one post. I hope y’all are having a good day.

Until next time. xoxoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #29

I’ve lost track of how many posts I have started then deleted over the past three days. I can’t seem to settle on anything to post about right now.

I’m in a bit of a mood, which is likely why I’m struggling to come up with this week’s post.

I’ve had various things happening that I’m trying to deal with. Trying being the key word, and I’m not doing too good of a job of it.

One good bit, I was able to replace the garbage disposal. Thanks to J of course. He came and installed the new one for me tonight when he got off work. I like it already. I’m sure the old disposal was gunked up and the cause of the kitchen sink constantly clogging up, since it always clogged on the disposal side. (Side note: the old one never worked all that well from the time I moved in and not too long ago it just stopped working completely. Guessing that the former tenants did stuff to destroy it, like they did everything else in the house.) I didn’t really intend to replace the disposal, but decided the frequent spending on disposal-safe drain cleaner when it clogged up again and again was ultimately going to be more expensive than just replacing the disposal. So. It took me three years but I finally made one improvement to the house since moving here. At some point this house may eventually not be a total pit. Maybe.

It’s been hot and miserable lately, but I am trying not to complain about it because I know in a few months it’ll be winter and my house will be freezing cold and that will be even more miserable than being hot. There’s a brief window of time in spring and in autumn when it’s perfectly comfortable. I wish I could stretch out those times so the majority of time was comfortable temperatures and the too hot and too cold stuff was limited to a brief stretch that would be far easier to tolerate.

It’s the end of a glorious three days off in a row for me. I mean, it’s sad for the bank account… but I really need some time to myself right now, to try to figure things out. I feel like that’s just my life right now… work myself to exhaustion, sleep, sleep, sleep some more, try to figure out a variety of things, but never really make any progress with anything…

Until next time. xoxo


2019 #28 – July Art

Finished the piece I started last month that could not be rushed. It is, as usual, far from perfect. But I like it.

I had spotted the oval shaped canvas at Hobby Lobby and grabbed one on a whim, not a clue in the world what I would do with it. It eventually occurred to me that cameos, which I love, are most often oval shaped. Why not make a great big ol’ cameo for my wall? I airbrushed the canvas for color, fading slightly toward the center (which is more noticable in person than in pictures, in pictures for whatever reason you can’t really see the fade). Then I sketched out the outline of the cameo. Then the time consuming process of layering texture paste began. You don’t want to apply thick layers of texture paste as it will crack when drying. So I HAD to apply thin layers and let them dry before adding more.

If I can ever find a pretty frame for it that is a suitable size and not too expensive, I want to frame it. Not sure I’ll be able to find anything that would work for it, but Ill take a peek next time I’m at Hobby Lobby to see what they have. Either way it is rather pretty on the wall.

Until next time. xoxoxo