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7 Days 7 Photos: Day 3

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Melting Pot

7 Days 7 Photos: Day 2

I don’t cook as much as I used to since it’s just me and I don’t like leftovers, but I still love my recipe collection and adding to it. I periodically clear out my recipe box to get rid of things I have finally tried that were clipped from magazines or product labels if I didn’t like them, or if my tastes have changed and I don’t care for a recipe anymore, to note things that were loved, things that could use some tweaks etc. I use multi-colored index cards as a quick way to browse my collection for my original recipes, favorites, or cards where I simply have general kitchen info/tips or ideas written down for reference such as cake flour substitute or homemade taco seasoning, metric conversions, variations on favorite dishes to change them up a little like taco meat loaf or garlic toast pizza and so on. 

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7 Days 7 Photos: Day 1

I am going to cheat a little bit on this first post, for the sake of explaining this little series of posts. This is a trend going around social media apparently though I have only seen one friend actively participate on Facebook: the 7 Days 7 Photos challenge. The idea is to, 7 days in a row, take a black and white photo that shows something from your everyday life. Of course I am not going to judge if you take the photos in a day or two, then post them later. (Yeah, that’s what I did. Scheduling blog posts in advance is a beautiful thing.) No people are to be included in the photos, and no captions/explanations are to be offered. 

That last bit is why I say I am  cheating a little here on this first post at least. Because as you can see, I’m writing and explaining. How else are others to know what you’re up to and how to participate if they want to, if they don’t know what the heck is going on? More importantly, though, I think if you want to share a caption or story/explanation of any of your photos, be it just one, some, or all… then why the heck not? As far as I am concerned that last bit about no captions/etc is totally optional!

I will say that I took these all in color with my phone then used my favorite editing app to adjust the saturation, contrast etc to get a somewhat decent black and white to share. Not the same as actually shooting in black and white, true. But when I shoot in black and white I prefer to do it with my DSLR. Which if you have been here a while you know went belly up on me. So. I worked with what I have. And when using the phone camera I prefer to edit into black and white as the shoot in black and white setting just does not offer enough  control over an image, the way a DSLR does. Shooting in black and white requires more finesse than shooting in color so I personally like to have the full control of a DSLR for that. 

All that said I must apologize as the first photo for this series is last week’s NFF. 😶 I have no excuse, really. My brain hit a road block while trying to summon up something at least sort of creative or visually interesting for photo number 7 so I could get these posts ready to go live. I’m a bad blogger sometimes I know. In my defense many of the top blogs constantly recycle their old content but they do it in a sneaky way so you’re less likely to notice it happening. At least I am up front about it when I do it right? 😜

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Thursday Things

Thursday Things

I am exhausted. 

First things first: I worked my first shift at a new job yesterday. It kept me busy and active and on my feet all day other than getting to sit for a little while for my break and lunch, so that in itself was exhausting physically but mentally/emotionally as well what with nerves and trying not to mess anything up etc. It’s a grocery store bakery, so my day consisted of making two big batches of icing, boxing, tagging, and shelving lots of things and primarily piping icing onto, then decorating (mostly just sprinkles) nearly 400 cupcakes. I’m not sure it’s something I want to be a many years-long job, but based on my first shift, it’s certainly tolerable for the time being and probably about as enjoyable as working for someone else possibly can be. I still think I would love to have my own bakery some day, If I could find the right building/location and had the funds to do it. 

After a long and busy day you’d think I would have slept like a rock last night. And you’d be right if not for one thing. I had been soundly asleep for just a couple hours when I was woken up by both dogs barking, as well as several other dogs from neighboring houses barking. It’s worth noting that Rascal is very laidback and does not tend to bark unless: she is playing or wants to play or otherwise get your attention or she wants outside or a treat, or if something is REALLY wrong and needs investigating. So while I do check things out if just Princess is barking, when Rascal is barking and on edge too I get nervous. I thought I heard noises outside my house a couple times but with all the barking from both inside and outside I honestly don’t know for sure other than I definitely did hear something in the crawl space under the house at one point. I kept getting up and checking windows, and never saw anything. All the barking continued for an hour straight though, then continued periodically for another half hour or so. After all that, it took me a while to get back to sleep and then once I did get back to sleep, said sleep was fitful and I kept waking up. It was probably just a furry critter of some sort looking for a warm, or warmish, place to sleep. That’s keep telling myself anyway.

So, instead of waking up well rested this morning I have woken up exhausted, grumpy, and with a headache. 

I am off. I have laundry to tend to, and have a few things I want to do with my day off today. Including figuring out tomorrow’s NFF post.

Until next time. xoxo

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Saturday Somethings

I have needed to get around to hemming some jeans for literally the past year. Not being all that talented with my sewing machine I just kept procrastinating. Last night I was needing a productive distraction from myself so figured I would get around to that task. Only then did I realize, I have no pins and my little ruler for sewing – one that has that little slider to mark the measurement you need – are nowhere to be found. I went ahead and tried to hem a pair without them, and managed to do ok. But I was not happy with the end result. So this morning I ran to the store and got a pack of pins and a new ruler, so I could properly measure the fabric and pin it in place so it would stay put while I sew. I sat down with the seam ripper to take out what I had done last night. Am I the only one who finds use of a seam ripper oddly satisfying? Yes? Moving on then… 

So my re-hem this morning went much better, given I could do things properly. I finished up that one pair then decided, because I am a girl and my sewing machine has some decorative stitches, why not add a line of one of those decorative stitches above the new hem, just because? 

I knew I needed to use scrap fabric first to make any adjustments to the stitch so I grabbed some and started to test my chosen stitch with the default settings when… 

Side note/bonus tip: Use some painter’s tape or masking tape to mark the measurement you want to use for your seam allowances. The tape is loads easier to see than the engraved guide lines are, and a single piece can be moved and reused multiple times. Because it’s designed to remove easily, it won’t leave any sticky residue behind on your machine when you take it off.

Yup. My needle decided it had had enough. Now mind you if I remember correctly this was the original needle that came with the machine several years ago, and though my machine has not seen heavy use, I have used it a fair bit here and there. I may have replaced the needle once, not sure. Regardless the needle in question had been in the machine for quite some time. But of course, I have no clue where my pack of extra needles might be. 

So the hemming is on hold for the moment. J has some needles so I am going to head to his place to get them and hopefully can finish my hemming adventures this evening. 

I’ve been in a little bit of an emotional funk the past few days. Not sure why or how to shake it, but I’m not really feeling very happy or positive. 

My phone is finally working though it required multiple calls to Sprint who changed their story a few times and finally settled on “someone stole your number”. How that even happens I do not know. All I do know is it is a big pain in the butt for me to have to change my phone number – and regardless of how I lost my number whoever is responsible has got a huge helping of angry redhead karmic revenge heading their way. Or so I like to think, anyway. I’m not sure karma really works that way but it makes me feel better to think it does. 

My wrist is still bothering me from when I sprained it, but at this point it’s “tough it out and deal with it”. Which sucks, injuries need sufficient time to heal properly… But sometimes life doesn’t give you the time you need for such things. 

And on that note I am off as there are things to do. 

Hope y’all are having a good weekend. 

Until next time. xoxo