Melting Pot

2019 #30

I’m trying to play catch-up with comments and the blogs I read. I think I’ve caught up with everyone at this point. If I’ve missed you, my apologies for that. Let me know and I’ll try to get caught up with you soon.

I got Asher some new food this morning, which I’m not sure he likes. I’ll give it a few more tries and see but he was not impressed with the first bit I gave him. I wonder of he knows just how spoiled he is, as compared to most other pet fish. I also grabbed him a pack of the food I know he likes, anticipating that he may not like the new kind since I already know he is picky.

The girls are a bit fussy, we have had some thunderstorms this week and they don’t like when it storms. They have been coping pretty well though, considering. Where we used to live it didn’t storm too terribly often, but here the storms are a much more regular occurance. They’ve adjusted to that pretty well and they do not fuss as much about the storms as they did when we first moved here. They still don’t like them of course, and I still maintain their safe spaces for them to go to when it storms, just in case they need them when I’m not home to be with them during a storm.

I mysteriously landed in Hobby Lobby after the trip to the pet store for Asher’s food. I needed a new watercolor pad anyway and they were on sale so it worked out well. I also found a set of watercolor paints in one of the clearance sections that I had to get. It was only $10, marked down from $40. Can’t pass up a deal like that, right? I’ve never used this type of watercolor paint before but have wanted to try it. I tested it out with a quick illustration this afternoon. Definitely a very different experience than the watercolor brush pens I’ve been using lately. I need to practice using them a bit and get the hang of them. I’ll share more once I’ve done that.

I had the chance to catch up with my dad a bit today, which was nice. It had been too long since we talked. I don’t know when my aunt is planning to visit me but I’m hoping my dad will join her when she does. I’ve not seen him in two years now, and considering before I moved here I saw him every single day, that has been a difficult adjustment for me. Especially knowing that neither of my siblings is particularly close to him (relationship-wise, physically they live close to him) – I worry about him sometimes.

That’s probably enough rambling for one post. I hope y’all are having a good day.

Until next time. xoxoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #29

I’ve lost track of how many posts I have started then deleted over the past three days. I can’t seem to settle on anything to post about right now.

I’m in a bit of a mood, which is likely why I’m struggling to come up with this week’s post.

I’ve had various things happening that I’m trying to deal with. Trying being the key word, and I’m not doing too good of a job of it.

One good bit, I was able to replace the garbage disposal. Thanks to J of course. He came and installed the new one for me tonight when he got off work. I like it already. I’m sure the old disposal was gunked up and the cause of the kitchen sink constantly clogging up, since it always clogged on the disposal side. (Side note: the old one never worked all that well from the time I moved in and not too long ago it just stopped working completely. Guessing that the former tenants did stuff to destroy it, like they did everything else in the house.) I didn’t really intend to replace the disposal, but decided the frequent spending on disposal-safe drain cleaner when it clogged up again and again was ultimately going to be more expensive than just replacing the disposal. So. It took me three years but I finally made one improvement to the house since moving here. At some point this house may eventually not be a total pit. Maybe.

It’s been hot and miserable lately, but I am trying not to complain about it because I know in a few months it’ll be winter and my house will be freezing cold and that will be even more miserable than being hot. There’s a brief window of time in spring and in autumn when it’s perfectly comfortable. I wish I could stretch out those times so the majority of time was comfortable temperatures and the too hot and too cold stuff was limited to a brief stretch that would be far easier to tolerate.

It’s the end of a glorious three days off in a row for me. I mean, it’s sad for the bank account… but I really need some time to myself right now, to try to figure things out. I feel like that’s just my life right now… work myself to exhaustion, sleep, sleep, sleep some more, try to figure out a variety of things, but never really make any progress with anything…

Until next time. xoxo


2019 #28 – July Art

Finished the piece I started last month that could not be rushed. It is, as usual, far from perfect. But I like it.

I had spotted the oval shaped canvas at Hobby Lobby and grabbed one on a whim, not a clue in the world what I would do with it. It eventually occurred to me that cameos, which I love, are most often oval shaped. Why not make a great big ol’ cameo for my wall? I airbrushed the canvas for color, fading slightly toward the center (which is more noticable in person than in pictures, in pictures for whatever reason you can’t really see the fade). Then I sketched out the outline of the cameo. Then the time consuming process of layering texture paste began. You don’t want to apply thick layers of texture paste as it will crack when drying. So I HAD to apply thin layers and let them dry before adding more.

If I can ever find a pretty frame for it that is a suitable size and not too expensive, I want to frame it. Not sure I’ll be able to find anything that would work for it, but Ill take a peek next time I’m at Hobby Lobby to see what they have. Either way it is rather pretty on the wall.

Until next time. xoxoxo

In The Kitchen, Recipes

2019 #27

I’ve another of my non-recipes to share, today. I know. I really should stick to sharing actual recipes. But sometimes things are just so basic, a full, proper recipe is silly. Such is the case with today’s “recipe” for pepperoni and cheese breadsticks.

For the dough you can, if you so choose, make your own yeast based pizza (or other yummy bread/roll) dough from scratch. I chose to just use a store bought dough for mine. The dough I chose is one that comes already pressed into a thin, ready-to-bake sheet that is rolled in parchment paper – you just unroll it, top it and bake it. Here is the kind I used, if you’re wanting to know exactly what I used:

I unrolled the dough then used kitchen shears to cut it into six equal(ish) strips. Then I rolled each strip length-wise into a little log, which would be fine if you’re wanting pencil-thin breadsticks. I didn’t want that though, so then I folded them in half, gave them another roll and twist, pinching the ends together, to make twisty breadsticks.

Once that was done I poured some shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese on my mat, and mixed in some pepperoni that I had cut in half. You can use whatever kind of shredded cheese you like, of course. And the pepperoni is optional but I like that it makes the breadsticks pizza-ish.

*Roll each breadstick in the cheese and pepperoni then place them on a greased or parchment lined baking sheet. I had a tiny bit of cheese left on my mat so went ahead and sprinkled it on top of the breadsticks over any bare spots from when I had rolled them in the cheese. Then I baked them according to the directions for the dough, which was to bake at 425°F for 15 to 20 minutes. I baked them till the bread was lightly golden and the cheese was nicely melted, which did take 15 minutes.

Leave them on the pan for a few minutes to cool before serving. They’re a tasty snack on their own, or you can serve them with some warmed marinara sauce for dipping.

* – Rolling the breadsticks in the cheese results in the breadsticks having a crisp, cheesy crust on the bottom. If you don’t like this, just place the shaped breadsticks on the prepared baking sheet then sprinkle the cheese (and pepperoni if you’re using it) over the top.

Until next time. xoxoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #26

Asher’s plants are growing nicely and he is definitely starting to enjoy them more. Goofy fish. The girls are good. They got new flea/tick repelling collars that will last them the rest of the year. I paid extra to get the version that also repels mosquitoes since the mosquitoes here can get intense as summer goes on. Princess had lost her previous collar somehow. I noticed it was missing a while back. Never spotted it anywhere either in the house or in the yard so I have no clue what happened to it. I assume while she and Rascal were playing it came loose though that still does not explain why I could never find it anywhere.

I’ve been getting frustrated and annoyed with my efforts to meet someone. All the half decent guys I meet are already married or otherwise committed to someone. The ones who are single are either completely uninteresting or they have a bad vibe around them. I’d love to have someone special in my life… but right now it’s feeling like far more trouble than it is worth to keep trying to find him. I dunno. Just… annoyed by the whole prospect of dating and trying and failing and having to start all over again… I’m too old for games. I’d rather just be single than put up with the nonsense of dealing with guys who aren’t going to be serious.

Anyway. I’ve been thinking of rearranging things in the house a bit. I know what I want to do. Problem is that I do not have a clothes dryer so I have to hang things up to dry. The clothes line for that is currently stretched across the room in the office – and I can’t do what I want to do, with the clothes line in there. I don’t really have anywhere else to put it though. I don’t have room for a clothes dryer, or even a hookup for one anyway. I’ll have to figure something else out. Maybe the clothes line can go into the second bedroom. That room isn’t used anyway, really. That could work.

I finally made it back to the beach. It was a slightly spontaneous, unplanned trip. I was supposed to be going somewhere else but things didn’t work out as planned so I decided to go to the beach instead. I left early enough in the morning that I was there for sunrise. Well, almost. It was still essentially sunrise when I got there, but I didn’t quite make it there as early as I hoped for but only by about 15-20 minutes so close enough. I spent a couple hours just sitting and enjoying it, then a couple more hours worth of walking. I added some pretty new shells to my collection along the way. It was a perfect way to spend the morning. It was cloudy and cool and about the time the sun decided to come out and the crowds started showing up I was ready to start the drive home. It may not have been the day I had been planning for but it was a good one. Kinda lonely… but still good.

Well. I’m off. Until next time. xoxoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #25 B

Sometimes before I have to go to work and I’m thinking of what my day is going to be like, I can’t help but think how much I’d love to have my own bakery and be able to decide for myself how things are going to be done. It’s pretty much all figured out in my head already: a business name and logo, color scheme, preferred layout of the building, what flavors/items I would offer etc. It sometimes gets into my head where I’m sure it would be a successful venture, if I could just get started. Then I remember I am not at all business minded. Running your own business is incredibly difficult. I don’t I have the money to start a business anyway even if I did have the brains to go about doing it.

Then of course always in the back of my mind is the fact that, though that could be nice… it still is not the picture of my life I want to make reality anyway. The true dream remains as it always has been – find a good man who can turn me into a proper housewife, living out in the country, so I can spend my days taking care of critters and household chores and tending to a flower garden and basically doing whatever I want and living life on my own terms, on my own schedule, not being dictated by someone else’s time table and bottom line. Sigh. It’s such a good, pretty, happy picture…

I should have more time off soon, since things tend to slow down for a while after Independence Day. Perhaps I’ll finally get to make that drive to the beach soon. I need the ocean right now. There are things I need clarity on, things I need to let go of, things I need to sort out… nothing helps me emotionally quite the way the ocean does. There really is a magic to it that just makes things better, easier, clearer…

I’m getting caught up on housework, little by little. I need to scale down on my gadgets and things in the kitchen. I just don’t have the room for everything. I’ve already gotten rid of a few things but need to clear out more. I have a couple appliances that I should probably get rid of, I rarely use them. There are a couple things I know need to go as I’ve not used them at all since moving here. If I have not had a need for it in over two years, it is probably safe to say I do not need it and can get rid of it. Perhaps one day next week I can get the kitchen cabinets cleaned out and get rid of the things I’m just not using. Except my 3d teddy bear cake pan set. No I never use it. But that pan set is awesome, and there is no telling when Wilton will stop making it as they have long since discontinued almost all their 3d/specialty pans. You’ll have to pry those pans from my cold dead hands to get me to let them go. 😝

My best friend and I had a spontaneous, second for the month lunch date yesterday. I was in town anyway and it happened to be around the time he gets up for work and the restaurants that do not serve breakfast were opening for the day so I sent him a text asking if he wanted to meet. It was really nice getting in some more time together. We don’t do it nearly enough. We will be spending some quality time together this weekend too. It makes me happy and I’m very much looking forward to it.

While I was browsing in the mart of wals to pass time before we could meet for lunch yesterday I spotted a couple blankets that looked really nice that I’d love to have, but I doubt I’ll get one. The weave of the fabric is not one that would hold up long, with the dogs. I love my girls and wouldn’t trade them for anything but they sure are hard on bedding and furniture.

I suppose I should get some stuff done around the house before I have to get ready for work. If I’m not productive now I will not be later as I’ll be entirely too exhausted when I get home from work in the evening. Best do it now.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #25

Found this whilst browsing pinterest. Now I need some booze and a couple days with my best friend so we can binge watch Firefly and get very, very drunk. 😂

But seriously I need some quality time with him. We did our monthly lunch date and that is nice and all, but an hour for lunch once a month doesn’t really make up for serious hang out time. We both just never seem to have the time anymore, and certain things have changed, and… gotta settle for the monthly lunch dates I suppose. Better than nothing, anyway.

I’m working on a new piece of artwork that so far I’m really pleased with. I don’t know when I’ll finish it. It is something that is going to require multiple days of working on it, and also patience. Y’all know patience is not one of my strengths. Usually if I can find some way around having to be patient with artwork I do. For this one, however, there can be no shortcuts. Hopefully it won’t take too terribly long to finish it up. It will probably be next month before I get it finished, so perhaps it will be next month’s artwork.

I’m actually looking forward to things slowing down a bit at work after Independence Day. Not looking forward to not having anywhere near enough money… but I need a break. I’m beyond exhausted, my back is still hurting a lot, I’m behind on my housework and it is making me nuts. I could use a little down time to rest and tackle stuff at home and God willing give my back a chance to heal. I could also use the down time to think through some things, possibly (hopefully) figure some stuff out and come up with a plan of where to go from here. I have some changes to make in my life, but I don’t know the specifics yet. I need some time to figure it all out so that I can make it happen and not fall flat on my face in the process.

I upgraded Asher’s living quarters for him yesterday. His tank was due for a cleaning anyway and I had noticed that though I was careful in my faux plant selection to choose ones that should have been safe for him, some of them were causing damage to his fins. That needed to change, so I swapped all his faux plants for live ones. He was not sure what to make of the change at first but once he checked out all the new plants very thoroughly he seemed happy with the change. The plants all have some growing to do, I’m sure he will enjoy them much more once they have grown a bit. I tried to choose ones similar to the faux plants that he favored. The pet store did not have much to choose from, so my options were limited. I’m glad I could find a couple that he seems to like though, and that his home is now a safer place for him.

Gotta go, have laundry to deal with.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #24 B

Too many emotions dancing around, contradicting each other and confusing me. I want, but I don’t want… oh, but I do… what to do, what to do? I know the right thing to do. There is no doubt what I should do. But what I want is not what is right. I’ve spent so much of my life sacrificing and giving till there was nothing left in me to give, to people who didn’t appreciate all I did, who did not care about me at all only what they could get from me. They took advantage and trampled all over me and ripped me to pieces but still I would give… never asking for or expecting a single thing in return. Would it really, truly, be so awful, then, for me to be selfish this time? To say hell with propriety, hell with doing the right thing, I want it, I should have it? Oh but that opens a totally different can of worms and I’m just not sure at the moment… sigh. Why do things have to be so complicated? Why do I seem to always want something I can’t have? Ugh.

I’ve been emotional eating entirely too much, and my clothes are letting me know it. I really need to stop it, and start going to the park for runs again. If I ever get time off, that is not occupied otherwise, to do it. AKA I need to stop making excuses to stay home eating my feelings and wallowing in my misery. 🙄 Three guesses how that will go and I bet you get it right on the first try.

I’m going to go read a couple chapters before bed, trying to catch up on reading.

Until next time. xoxo

Melting Pot

2019 #24

Can you believe we are already (approximately) half way through the year? Where is the time going?

I’ve realized I’m extremely behind on my reading for the year. I’ve been so busy, and when I haven’t been busy I’ve been exhausted. I need to try to get back on track with my reading though. I’ll pick my next book today and hopefully get through a couple chapters.

My favorite clothing store, Dressbarn, is going out of business. This makes me so sad. I realize that such a thing is little in the grand scheme of things or that some would scoff at it as a “first world problem” or such. But I find joy in little things and one of those little things is the fact that Dressbarn jeans fit me like a glove. No other brand of jeans I have tried – and I have tried many – fit me anywhere near as well. Jeans are also a requirement for my current work uniform so having jeans that are excellent quality with a great fit and that are comfortable is so important… if I had the money to do it I would totally stock up and buy like twenty pairs of jeans, at least! Alas, I do not have that sort of money so I’ll have to just make like Elsa and let it go. I’ll have to settle for jeans from Kohl’s and perhaps Belk from here on out I guess. C’est la vie.

I’ve developed a bit of a Chick-fil-A problem lately. I’ve always loved their food but lately I find myself there at least once a week. Bad Leah, bad! 😅 Ever since I discovered the ridiculous ease of placing mobile orders and zipping through the drive thru to pick up… Hey, in my defense, I’m single and it is often too much hassle to cook just for myself. Also I do not tend to like leftovers and even the leftovers I do like it takes all of two additional meals to be tired of whatever it is I cooked. It just makes more sense to eat out than to cook, the days I really want something hot rather than just settling for a bowl of cereal. Anyway what I can tell you thanks to my little problem is this: when you earn enough points in the Chick-fil-A app to level up, if you redeem points for a freebie you remain the higher level, they do not make you drop back down to the previous level for using your earned points. They have three levels to their rewards program. I’m currently in the middle tier. I told you, it’s a problem. ðŸĪŠ

My back has been hurting something fierce lately. A couple weeks ago I tweaked it at work while trying to get a box of cake (or maybe it was cupcakes) in the big freezer. It didn’t really hurt at the time, but I did stop and think it was something I would be feeling the next day. Well I have been feeling it every day since. I feel like it is probably a combination of whatever I managed to do that day and stress making it hurt so much. Possibly I’m also not sleeping in the best positions for my back. Regardless, tiger balm and advil have been my best friends in the world lately.

I have a painting I did that I want to share… but at the same time for some reason I do not want to share it. I can’t figure out why. I have already shared it with my friends and family on facebook. It is freaking adorable. I love it. It would make for an awesome tattoo, if one liked such style for a tattoo. (I personally do not, but I can see where it would be a great tattoo.) Yet there is just something in the back of my mind stopping me from sharing it here. I don’t know if it is fear of someone stealing it and trying to claim it as their own or just the demons in my head telling me it is not as adorable as I believe it to be or what. Perhaps another time I’ll feel better about the idea of sharing it. For now all I will say is that it started as a joke at work but it left me feeling very inspired.

I’ve still not made it back to the beach. Every time I think I might make the trip, either the weather is lousy or something else comes up or I’m just not feeling up to the drive. I’ll get there eventually…

The girls are doing well. They recently got long overdue baths so now they smell pretty and Rascal is extra fluffy and Princess is extra bright white lol. Asher is enjoying his little fishy life. He doesn’t like when the girls are playing and they start barking, he hides in his castle till they’re done. Funny, funny critters. I need to get him some live plants for his tank to replace the plastic ones but I have not found anything suitable yet. The few plants they had on my last trip to PetCo were all sort of sad looking and none were a kind I thought Asher would like. I’ll have to try again soon, or try PetsSmart.

Well, the washer is finishing up the final rinse/spin on a load of laundry so I guess that is my cue to shut up and go be a little bit productive today.

Until next time. xoxo